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PBJ xx-011. KitAkira -- I heard PBJ's making a slimmer denim in purple, I guess the xx-011 cut. That's my next pair.
the unintentional comedy in the last couple of pages is fantastic.
BBlessing is having a store closing sale. 60-90% off, but the guy at the counter can give you even better deals if you pick up multiple items. There were a few Rag and Bone shorts, lots of bblessing button-ups, jeans and t-shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Really been wanting this in the navy colorway. The NdG store on Bleecker had the navy in Large at 40 off. Just FYI.
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow I bought a little too much at the ndg sample sales Nice haul. Kinda bummed that I missed out on the BoO stuff, but otherwise thrilled about my pickups: a NdG trench, parka, N-2 coat, and jeans (not pictured).
I stopped by today, too, and the report above is pretty accurate. If you're a L or XL, I'd definitely check it out for the outerwear -- they had a couple of Wings + Horns chambray parkas in XL, lots of NdG peacoats in L, and a blue Ervell windbreaker in XL. If you're a Small like me, you're probably a couple of weeks late, although I did grab the last NdG fishtail parka in Small for $80. There was also a good amount of the NdG lightweight canvas bombers and Reigning...
Listen to George Carlin's routines on Euphemisms and Advertising. Required listening for writers and editors, as far as I'm concerned. I'll add the word "war" to this list, especially in a sports context. The NY Post is the absolute worst with this. It'll run this headline -- "It's war!" -- about a Yankees-Red Sox game in the same section in which there are stories about actual wars. Zero perspective.
Quote: Originally Posted by sunror iverson's overrated as a basketball player, but not as an athlete. was a top ten hs football player and couldve been an elite dback in the nfl (while no nfl player could be an elite anything in the nba) well put. he's a really hard player to evaluate objectively. he scored 30 a night but would need 30 shots to do so. but the fact that he created 30 shots was hugely valuable on a Sixers team that had no...
Lupa seems like it would fit the bill.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Also: She actually tweeted this: "So Sexiyama.I was commenting on how tan he is for an asian.and @chandellapowell commented on how silky his skin looked. Just an observation!"
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