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Quote: Originally Posted by TransparentCranium Ok. I didn't want to do this, but a hoodie thread. (This is all i could find before) So, what hoodies do you own? What hoodies would you want? What designers do you like that produce hoodies? I've only heard good things about W+H hoodies. Also seen alot of spruce hoodies around. What brands offer different fits? (Slim, classic) (I've read W+H has classic and slim) What's a good price to pay for a...
Quote: Originally Posted by I<3Bacon Figured I'd contribute something to this thread... here's my RRL Western in Small. Strangely enough, it is easily the slimmest shirt I own (slimmer than any of my slim-fit dress shirts). Body is tapered, arm holes are high, sleeves are tight-ish, darted in the back, and if I eat too much for dinner, my food-baby makes the cloth pull from the buttons over my gut when I sit down. nerd style vs. douche bag...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus I have the sand and the grey, same size. I'm about a 9.5 and my DBs are a 9. Fit perfectly though a little loose because I have a narrow foot. With an insole they are perfect, literally. Sweet. Got a picture of it, Brutus?
Quote: Originally Posted by raginberriodoom is this sale going on at the APC stores? i didn't see any notice about it in this thread. I saw the sale being promoted on a few blogs. I think it's only going on at the APC store in Brooklyn.
Quote: Originally Posted by billiamphan I thought so too but seeing the posts above about sizing down 1-1.5 sizes on the greys when I only sized down .5 in my black suedes made me a little worried about what size to get. Too bad zappos is out of my size otherwise I would just order it there and return it for free if it didn't fit I couldn't find the desert boots anywhere, not even at the Clarks stores, so I finally just asked the worker at...
Quote: Originally Posted by gmku So how you like it? Apparently Eddie Bauer thinks all size L middle-aged men are also obese. Fit me like a sack around the waist. I almost decided to return it for a medium but then I decided to do some simple tailoring. I took out the sewing kit and brought in my jacket's waistband by about 4 inches, basically cinching up the elastic side panels, and now it looks great. It was falling way too low and now rides up more...
Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo I was told by a SA at Barney's that designer doesn't start until a little later... but she was new and not my usual SA so I don't know how much weight to put behind her words. Yep, heard the same thing. Designer stuff at Barney's goes on sale on the 28th.
Quote: Originally Posted by gmku Awesome bag! I'm green. ^ Today: I got the exact same jacket yesterday, but it's from J. Crew. It got marked down from $100 to $70 to finally $50 this week, plus an additional 25% off when I went yesterday.
Quote: Originally Posted by rzak KMW 2010s APC Rescues Jack Purcells (black) A few AA t-shirts (solids) And so my journey begins ... I just picked up some Purcells, also. Rzak, did you get the patent leather ones?
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Yeah, I like the box too. Pretty smart. The middle compartment slides out too. Lot nicer than some other mainstream sneaker brands I've had. Nothing beats fresh white sneaks! Where'd you get them, and how much were they?
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