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Quote: Originally Posted by Listi @Stinger: Solid fit, I wish I had your height. +1. I tried that cardigan on this week. I like it, just not for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 What kind of socks are those? I usually wear boots such that you cannot see my socks, but those look pretty nice. Uniqlo. I just picked up a bunch of those today, also -- 4 for $12.90 or something like that. Also picked this up.
Another round of price drops.
More price drops. Edit: +J parka is still available.
Quote: Originally Posted by SPK I picked up a wool flannel suit. I'm happy with it for how much I paid Did you get a matching waistcoat? I got a flannel suit, too, but the waistcoats were all gone when I went Friday.
Price drops. Edit: Forgot to drop the price on the Wings and Horns black plaid shirt. It's now $120.
Got some nice items for sale that hopefully you'll put to better use than me. The two Wings and Horns items no longer fit because I've lost weight. Personal paypal payments or add 4% fee, please. Wings and Horns shawl collar tiger fleece, size Small (Note: this is tagged Small but is about a size too big for me now; the current season's shawl tiger fleece in size Medium fits me perfectly) $90 shipped Wings and Horns blue tiger-fleece hoodie, size...
Excellent, fast transaction with seller Surrender. Made the purchase late Tuesday night, shirt was shipped Wednesday morning, and I received it a couple of days later in great condition.
I still need to try Langer's, but it's hard for me to believe day-old Katz's pastrami would beat it. Once Katz's goes cold and loses its juice it's really not that good. Then again, when it's hot and moist, it's easily the best I've had in the city. I don't think Second Ave. is even in the same league.
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky I'd call you a douche bag but that would be an insult to bags filled with douche. You wanna take another crack at that?
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