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Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Lulz. If you follow the score, the pedal is meant to be depressed the whole time through the first movement, but that's because pianos in Beethoven's time didn't have the sustain modern pianos do. So you liked Kissin's recording? You didn't like it?
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn totally agree, sizes are off. tried some henleys and the cardigans, mediums are smaller than normal for me and large is a bit loose. not often am i in between sizes. I've been noticing this with a few brands, not just Wings. Nom de Guerre and Gitman have also been pretty inconsistent with their sizing the last few seasons, not just the chest/shoulder, but the length, placement of the armholes, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by highfalutin Can someone please recommend a recording of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata? I tried a disc played by Earl Wild which others seem to like, but I found it too unemotional. I want to hear some feeling. You might be surprised -- at least I was -- but I kind of liked Evgeny Kissin playing Moonlight Sonata. It's a little pedal-heavy, but might be what you're looking for.
Another round of price drops. Also, buyer backed out -- the Wings and Horns hoodie is still available. Edit: dmash1080 -- PM'd you. Noochie, you got a PM.
Rocky IV -- "if i can change, you can change. everyone can change." toward the end of the Drago fight when Adrian goes, "You're gonna do it!" still gives me goosebumps (0).
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Thomas For my money, one of the best classical music purchases I ever made was the Beethoven 9 Symphonies box set with Herbert von Karajan conducting. I know a lot of people frown on Karajan's conducting thinking he was too much of a playboy and showboater, but I think the pieces he conducted are stunning. I prefer Karajan on video, but for unintentional comedy purposes. Eye contact, Herbert. Make...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thracozaag As far as complete recordings of the preludes, Weissenberg and Ogdon are tops for me. Of course, there are individual performances that certainly stand out (Richter, Gilels, Horowitz, Sofronitsky, etc.) BIG Sofronitsky fan, although he's uneven, but when he was inspired...watch out. You might try checking out the Rach 1st sonata (which I prefer, even though it's far more diffuse) recorded by Weissenberg or...
Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt alexis weissenberg doing rachmaninov's preludes is amazing. Andrei Gavrilov and Sviatoslav Richter are the two I turn to for the preludes. Nothing about Weissenberg's playing ever really impressed me, but maybe I'm just listening to the wrong recordings. I never thought much of Zoltan Kocsis until I heard his recording of Rachmaninov's 2nd sonata. I've heard maybe 15 versions of it -- Horowitz,...
Price drops. +J parka is sold. Wings and Horns hoodie is sold, pending payment.
Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe fivefivefive: those CP are nice. I ended up ordering these. I had to have them. I should probably join the "No Purchase Club" for November and December now.
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