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Sanchez fight + 8th/9th inning of the NLCS = action overload
Sizes? Measurements?
haganah -- maybe you hate brunch because you're going to places like Norma's. the only thing i liked there was the orange juice. jsc4president -- there's a pretty good spot across from Prune called Joe Doe. i love the chilaquiles there, and if you care, the chef won an episode of "Chopped" on Food Network. and shopsin's in the Essex St. Market is always really, really good if you're willing to wait in line for 30-40 minutes and put up with the crappy service. if...
Quote: Originally Posted by connor my favorite em verse right now is def the opening 8 of his on one day at a time From Soundbombing 2: "I slit her stomach open with a scalpel when she was six months and said, "I'm ready now bitch - ain't you feelin these kicks, cunt?"
Quote: Originally Posted by Thracozaag No problem; forgot to mention since you were asking about #25, Leon Fleisher's wonderful recording (I think with Szell)--definitely worth hearing! Big fan of Fleisher/Szell doing Beethoven's 3rd and 4th piano concertos. And of course, they're tops when it comes to Brahms' 1st.
I don't understand why they're not restocking the +J stuff. I was told that was it -- the next shipment will be new stuff only.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow I'm not offering an opinion on any performance, merely noting that a performance that is faithful to the score would be incredibly pedal-heavy. There are spots where Beethoven specifically asks for the pedal not to be used, and Kissin does. I'm not referring to that, though. It's possible to adhere to the score and use the pedal improperly. Again, that doesn't bother me in this case. I actually like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by BDC2823 I play with the same 11 guys every year and although it's random every year, I always draft between 10 and 12 every damn year. So I've kind of always loaded up on WR and hoped for a couple mid round RB's to pan out. No matter what my RB's never pan out. I usually get QB late, but after drafting Moss in the first I grabbed Brees in the second (6 pts per TD passing). Then tried the RB thing which hasn't panned out and...
Quote: Originally Posted by BDC2823 Weird. Those were also my 4th and 5th round picks. Oh and I managed to surround that with Knowhon Moreno in the 3rd and Vincent Jackson in the 6th. Yeah, I'm 2-4. Man, what a c-tease those Jackson-to-Pats rumors must've been for you. Brady kills me every year. I go into every draft planning to load up on my RB or WR slots in Rounds 1-4 and then grab someone like Rivers or Romo in Round 5, but Brady's...
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 about halfway through the regular season. how is everyones team holding up. after tonight's game (the game tonight has no bearing on me winning or losing), i'll be 6-0 in one league and 3-3 in another. my 6-0 is a beast right now. Brady Andre Johnson Hakeem Nicks Hines Ward Ahmad Bradshaw Mendenhall Addai Celek NYG as my D I've got Heath Miller, Marshawn Lynch, Santonio Holmes, Matt Ryan on my bench....
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