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Quote: Originally Posted by jet they're the best? they're diors on a budget Speaking of Diors, the Barney's in SF had the 19 cm's (raw indigo MIJ) marked down to $249 when I was there last weekend.
Acrimony's tweet: "Cop your Nom de Guerre now. Fall 2010 is officially their last season. We are beyond sad." They definitely fell off a bit the last couple of seasons, but I always liked at least a few pieces. This is pretty sad news.
Acrimony just tweeted that Fall 2010 is NdG's last season. Damn.
Price drops all around. Edit: JMRouse, check your PM's, buddy.
Added Wings and Horns shawl collar tiger fleece pullover. Edit: eVitaerc, check your PM's.
Yeah, the Pop-Up was in the Reed Space Annex on Orchard St. in October, but they have a permanent shop now on Orchard, across from the Annex. Random note: Before Epaulet, the space was occupied by an S&M store called Demask.
Stopped by the new store on Orchard St. and finally picked up the british khaki rivet chinos after punking out on Mike and Adele during the Pop-Up. Great chinos, great shop, great service, will do business again. FYI: I'm between a size 30 and 31, and I went with a 30 in the rivet chinos.
They used to bake all their stuff at the Milk Bar in East Village until a few months ago, but now all of their cookies come packaged from a spot in Williamsburg. Still good, but they were so much better before.
Those Hershey sons of bitches stopped making this, and God knows why. But they still make this. Edit: that image was of a candy bar called Bar None, which was my favorite as a kid.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Certainly makes me want to buy the shirt That must be the XXL.
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