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Quote: Originally Posted by Teger got my first pair of W+H pants in a loooong time. slim chinos, fit pretty well Did they work out the sizing issues on the chinos? Last season the size 31 fit me pretty well everywhere except the waist, which measured out to 34". Thought that was a little weird.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol i'm so neurotic about shoe sizing. if they don't fit perfectly i get pissed off. Just placed an order for size 43 Margielas because I'm not totally happy with how the 42's fit (snug). I'm probably gonna end up going through the same crap with the Lanvin's that are on their way.
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock It's funny were talking about an increase in apcs when "premium denim" has gone up across the board. I don't remember any of them being above the $300 mark when Japanese jeans first came here in 06? Now it's standard for over 300. Look at that styleforum colab.... Good point. Pretty sure the price went up on most, if not all, the jeans at BiG recently. The PBJ xx-011, for example, was $265 last May. ...
Margiela trainers came in the mail today, and I'm a little surprised how small they fit. I went TTS but kinda wish I'd sized up to 43.
Made my two best purchases at retail: CP arctic boots PBJ xx-011 Also got a few things I liked at heavily marked down prices: Ervell buttondown NdG trench NdG fishtail parka BoO blue check flannel R.I.P. NdG. Your crappy service and awesome winter sales will be missed.
Quote: Originally Posted by eckblk I picked up some Dior MIJ 19cm for 139 usd from the Scottsdale location (phone ordered). Damn, maybe I should've waited. I haven't even touched the ones I got at the SF Barney's last month at 30 off. BTW -- those of you wondering about the NdG sale, I wouldn't bother unless you really liked this season's stuff, which they have upstairs at 50 off. From this season, they had the combat field jacket in...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Everyone should be checking on the Mortar site (go through our button) everyday. Today, all Triple Works are 1/2 price. At $138 a pair, the slim straight future washes are a perfect thriftly baller buy. Seriously, very nice jeans - and the slightly dark cast dye makes them wearable with pretty much anything. Nice. Already out of stock.
Can't edit the original post for some reason, but the Wings and Horns shawl pullover is sold. Also, price drops on the remaining two items: Wings and Horns hoodie -- $90 shipped BBlessing shirt -- $70 shipped
"The Homer They Fall." Moe's my favorite Simpsons character. Moe: Everybody wanted a piece of me, but somehow I just never made it to the big time. Homer: Why not? Moe: Because I got knocked out 40 times in a row. That, plus politics. You know, it's all politics. Homer: Lousy democrats. Moe: Homer, how would you like to be heavyweight champion of the world? Homer: Sure. Moe: All you gotta do is fight Drederick Tatum. It's this Saturday. Here's your parking pass. Homer:...
Price drops again on all three items. Edit: Wings and Horns shawl pullover is sold.
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