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Ingrid Fliter had a recital in Fort Worth last year that I really enjoyed. I normally find Schubert pretty boring, but she really brought the Op. 90 No. 2 impromptu to life. She also played Chopin's 3rd piano sonata, which was excellent, and a Beethoven sonata, which I sort of found strained and uncomfortable. She seemed out of her element. I'd heard two of her recordings before this show and highly recommend both -- Chopin Recital Live at Concertgebouw and Chopin's...
Rolling my eyes. $100 shipped.
How many of these sweaters do you own? I'll vouch for Teger -- he sold me this in size Small.
Quote: Originally Posted by Justin. Gentleman traveler's for 120 Thanks $120? I'm seeing $209.
Final drop -- $110 shipped.
This is a fok'd up time to be running low on flow.
the problem with news outlets wanting to be first -- it often comes at the cost of being accurate. at least for a while, the experience of following this story at work and on the internet felt eerily similar to the reporting of michael jackson's death, sans the "jeff goldblum is dead" rumors. of course, in this case, "tiger woods is seriously injured" just turned out to mean, "tiger woods is injured ..... seriously, he is." i'm curious to see pictures of Tiger's...
THANK YOU, blank. that made my night. will be adding a Raf Simons blue cardigan/hoodie shortly.
Drop to $120 shipped. Somebody here's gotta want this. I assure you it's never been worn.
Kiya, do you recommend sizing up on the Iron Heart shaggy check snap shirt to account for shrinking?
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