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Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim The only glaring hole in the M's batting is the lack of a real, consistant power threat. Other than that, we have Ichiro and Figgins at the top of the lineup, Jose Lopez and Franklin Gutierrez who can produce 15-25 HR with respectable RBI and BA numbers, Kotchman, who - while not known for his bat, is better at the plate than people think (and is an absolute wizard defensively), Milton Bradley is somewhat of an...
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G I think the Koreans get the win when it comes to Asian chicken wings. I used to be a fan of Furaibo until I started eating Kyochon (still haven't made it to Bon chon). Now Furaibo tastes like pepper and Kyochon tastes like awesome. *Nodding* Forgot to mention Tsuruhashi for Japanese BBQ, but that's actually in Fountain Valley.
Al pastor tostada -- El Taurino in LA Fried chicken -- Furaibo in Gardena (I think the one in LA closed?) Ramen with pork -- Santouka in LA
Quote: Originally Posted by user7 Edit: KentMoney was banned? link to explanation? The system automatically bans you when 100 members have placed you on "ignore." Good riddance. He's the kind of guy who'd lead the league in technical fouls because he can't let things go.
Quote: Originally Posted by avery what do you guys think? third pair looks pretty nice to me. any idea on prices? $300 to $350, according to the Hypebeast post.
Quote: Do any of you guys know what Chambray or workshirt Drake is wearing in this picture? I would really like to purchase one that looks similar atleast color wise. Any Suggestions? Kinda looks like Nom de Guerre.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Any new recording/packing of a CD of Mozart's/Beethoven's/Brahms's/&c. music is going to have to compete with however many dozen recording of the same pieces have been released throughout the decades. Basically, recordings of non-contemporary classical have neither the benefit of currency nor uniqueness that pop music recordings have. I'm sure, comparatively speaking, that classical does very well in back catalog...
Serious -- you're not impressed that he can pull off both Draper/Whitman and a Mexican sax player?
Holy crap is this hilarious. Sergio and Don Draper -- now that's range.
Sold. This is a sad day.
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