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For sale is a pair of brand new, never worn pair of black Stephan Schneider trousers, size 5. I'm between a 30 and 31 for trousers, and these are about a size big for me. Would fit best if you're a 32 or 33. $180 > $170 > $160 > $150 > $140 > $130 > $120 > $100 shipped (PayPal personal/gifted, otherwise +4%). May also be interested in a trade if you have new Schneider trousers in size 4. Waist: 17" Rise: 10.25" Thigh: 11.5" Leg opening: 7.75" Inseam:...
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock anyone been to animal yet? going tomorrow. I went for dinner last weekend and loved it. We got maybe 6 things, and the standouts for me were the foie gras biscuit and crispy pig's head. The maple sausage gravy was so damn tasty, and actually pretty much all the sauces were winners. Loved the simple salads that came with the dishes. I was already full by the time the BBQ pork belly sandwiches and...
Pretty much everything I wanted was 1 size too small or 3 sizes too big. You're in luck if you like Clae and Creative Recreation, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 thats strange, they have never made a mistake with me and i order at least something from them every other weeks ... sometimes more often Let it go, buddy.
Just to share...... Since I don't cuff I like my jeans inseam to be about 30", so the Blue in Green guys recommended I hem my raw PBJ's down to about 34" when I first bought them, just to be safe. It shrunk to about 32" after the initial soak, I wore them for a couple of months and gave them a wash/dry, and brought them back to get hemmed down to 30". They'll hem your jeans for free as many times as you'd like, by the way, so long as you bought the jeans at BiG.
I'm a 38" and an S in Ervell, so I'm thinking RKD would probably want an XS.
That Ervell shirt isn't the oxford, is it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 Geller (Best free gift ever, thanks sagaji!) As opposed to a gift you paid for? Just messin'. I have three of those Geller/Cure shirts and purposely got them a size big.
NdG officer shirts and Wings+Horns thermals. And kind of random, but those Geller t-shirts inspired by The Cure.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Further proof that Schneider doesn't work for everyone. This guy should not be modeling his clothes.
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