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Last drop -- $100 shipped.
It was at the 11th St. shop only. Try giving them a call.
Odin has Kicking Mules and Chimalas at $49, and those Florsheim/Duckie Browns for $79. I think it's supposed to be a Richard Chai sample sale, but I didn't bother to look at that section.
$120 shipped.
Drop it to $130 shipped. I'm officially angry at myself for buying these.
Now $140 shipped.
Down to $150 now.
Drop to $160 shipped. Looking to sell. I'll listen to offers.
Price drop to $170 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by s3lam Unis Chinos, W+H Large Loop Terry Sweatpants, CP's Nice pickups. I've been wanting these exact three items for the longest time.
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