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My read of the law and order theme is more of an abstract signal, as opposed to referencing policy prescriptions.Trump (Steven Miller, really) is trying to find a signalling post that can rally people to fight back against the leftist establishment. Fighting the left on their ideological turf is a losing proposition, so he's trying to tap into completely different set of moral foundations. Civilization vs Barbarism. Order vs Disorder.It's a lizard-brain pitch aimed at...
Preference falsification.In just about any group of UMC men, a material percent are going to be Trump supporters. We will find out how big the cascade is with the anonymity of the ballot box..My biggest question of the moment is: Is there a similar population of women on the downlow, or do they truly find Trump as radioactive as they say?
Trump needs to stop making me like him. His response to the Khans has been spot-on. Do you like it when your leaders fall for a transparently political emotional con (khan?) Apparently the people who've given power to the GOP establishment over the last 5 years do... I like it when someone has the balls to push back against it, knowing he wont have cover from leftist media. The sheer mental bandwidth required to spin an anti-trump identify-politics narrative out of the...
These are they type of people that seriously believe that "shooting to wound" or better yet, shooting the gun out of someone's hand, are actual things. Their knowledge of use of force was acquired from a TV viewing of Lethal Weapon 2, probably.
The audit thing holds no water, and Trump continuing to harp on it as an excuse seems pretty weak. I completely understand why he wouldnt want to release his returns-- there is going to be so much in there, several bits of spin would write themselves-- but the audit thing is just so obvious a lie it insults the intelligence.
The systemic racism argument has lost a lot of credibility from people using it interchangeably with disparate impact. Including use by those who should (or do) know better. Last week the Dept of Education handed down guidance to K-12 schools effectively saying that in their opinion, there exists no legitimate reason for disciplinary rates to vary by race, and that there will be repercussions for school districts whose stats show this disparate impact. It takes no...
Of course it is logistically possible, but hardly politically feasible.Operation Wetback was not televised. Trump's plan, whatever it is, will be streamed live on Facebook from 100,000 phones.
"Overzealous police" is an issue I've done a complete 180 on over the last few years. From libertarian outrage over the types of stories highlighted in this thread to now wanting to applaud every time I see a cop boot on a neck. I've realized what an easily manipulated, emotional tool I was being. On a given day, lay out side by side the amount of crime being perpetrated next to the amount of police misconduct. The scale and amount of harm caused by crime is so out of...
Kaine was schooled by the Jesuits, which would explain that.
There is exactly zero chance the GOP goes back to the status quo after this and runs another Romney. On the off-chance a hawkish neoliberal wins the primary, a 3rd party would emerge for the general and take >10 percent of the vote.
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