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"Overzealous police" is an issue I've done a complete 180 on over the last few years. From libertarian outrage over the types of stories highlighted in this thread to now wanting to applaud every time I see a cop boot on a neck. I've realized what an easily manipulated, emotional tool I was being. On a given day, lay out side by side the amount of crime being perpetrated next to the amount of police misconduct. The scale and amount of harm caused by crime is so out of...
Kaine was schooled by the Jesuits, which would explain that.
There is exactly zero chance the GOP goes back to the status quo after this and runs another Romney. On the off-chance a hawkish neoliberal wins the primary, a 3rd party would emerge for the general and take >10 percent of the vote.
If that's their takeaway, the GOP will fade into irrelevance well ahead of their (demographic-replacement driven) schedule.Trump has unleashed a wave of populist nationalism, and that genie is not going back in the bottle.
Read the text-- http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/full-transcript-donald-trump-nomination-acceptance-speech-at-rnc-225974 There is very little in here that I can imagine Romney, McCain, GW, Dole, or GHW delivering. That the speech contains law and order red meat is not significant, but that fact that those bits comprise 50% of the thing certainly is. My read is that the law and order bits were a subset of the main, extremely focused, message: the ruling class has...
Any discussion on Trump's acceptance speech last night? The content and messaging represent the biggest shift in prevailing political norms I've seen in my lifetime. This is much larger than the (promised) Obama realignment in 2008. Trump has been riffing on these themes for a year, but last night's speech was the first time I saw them coalesce.
Paglia is a frustrating person. She is usually worth reading, but cannot restrain herself from taking shots at Naomi Wolff every 5th paragraph.
My head is still spinning from Cruz. He opens with 3 minutes about the daughter of a murdered cop hes never met, in a speech with no purpose other than to twist the shiv in a political rival. Thats a level of saccharine oiliness I cant help but just respect the hell out of. Is he part autistic?
Im sure at some point in his career Gingrich has strung together an intelligent statement..
And let's not forget how Obama getting booed off the stage in 2004 helped propel him into 2008.
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