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Id go for mid-2000s Honda F4i before the VFR, unless your commute involves less traffic than mine. Next to that f4i, newer gsxrs are the super sports with the most comfortable ergos.Yamahas FZ07 coming later this summer seems like it may well be the perfect bike for 80/20 commute/canyon. At least on paper.
425x3 is stronger than 99.99% of the world's population is capable of. Don't believe my stats? Look it up for yourselves in the Encyclopedia of Bro Science.
Where can I get sichuan peppercorns over the interwebs? I know a few shops in chinatown, but I cant be assed to walk down there just for that.
I thought the ending was crap. Murdering the shit out of his family in that bunker was the only honest way to end the story.
I use a vanson mk3 as my street jacket and I would not call it tight at all. It's tagged a 44, which is my exact measurement in a suit, and the vanson is borderline loose. Especially in the waist. Wouldn't be an acceptable fit for the track, IMO. I still love it in terms of style and quality though.
After looking at homes in the burbs, I have to wonder why it took so long to discover this wonderful invention called insulation. Our utility bills in these older homes are going to increase by a factor of 20 compared to our high rise flat. The tax man also seems to penalize square footage in their assessments...
Oh I don't know if I can get behind that. The decline of CE seems to be no different than the rest of the non - fashion section of SF. That is, disinterest and lack of posting by a lot of members who were worth a damn.I see a lot of good people still on here, but that critical mass of posters willing to put time into posting with a degree of thought and sincerity is long gone. What we have left is a self - referential corps of 25 of so folks who are probably friends on...
Have pomposity, criticism, and talking out of one's ass fallen out of favor since I stopped regularly checking in to SF?And when did the least value - add poster in the history of Internet fora start slamming people?Sheesh.
I think history will be kinder to The Counselor than the reception it got. People went in expecting No Country for Old Men Redux. It will have more staying power than the likes of Philomena...
Lol. I actually like that backing in other colors though. iPhone looks bulky and 5 years behind the Note 3 and S5, IMO.Have you seen the Samsung faux leather backed tablets yet?? I cannot fathom the corporate decision making structure that let those abominations get into production.
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