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My major driving peeve of the moment is people who slow way the hell down on curves on the highway. Here is a major tip: curves on 2-lane divided highways east of Appalachia can be taken at 75+mpg (even in your damn minivan in the left lane.) Either use the cruise control of pay attention to your speedometer.This is Amurika, people know when you're cheatin' em!
Logged back into this thread specifically to plug The Witch. It is a minor masterpiece that deserves to be seen on the big screen. Ignore the horror marketing. This is more the speed of early Polanski or Bergman. And amazingly it's the writer/director's first film. He will be one to watch.
Agree with this but for one detail. Do you use the technique of searing on cast iron then high temp in the oven? For me living in a highrise without powerful venting to the exterior, the smoke generating cooking steak is too much of a nuisance.
Folks, life is too short to save $5/mo freezing coffee beans. Buy the good stuff fresh, brew, repeat. Or else get a tin of Folgers. No middle ground.
Yep. Monetary policy can move either the supply or demand for money. IOR and reserve requirements are the textbook instruments for targeting demand for base money.The higher the interest the Fed is paying on reserves, the higher the opportunity cost Banks face for lending, the less broad money entering the system through the multiplier effect. And vice versa.
I forgot that this place for a while. Seeing a lot of familiar names on the front page, but what about these guys: Manton Iammatt Fuuma Mafoofan
Id go for mid-2000s Honda F4i before the VFR, unless your commute involves less traffic than mine. Next to that f4i, newer gsxrs are the super sports with the most comfortable ergos.Yamahas FZ07 coming later this summer seems like it may well be the perfect bike for 80/20 commute/canyon. At least on paper.
425x3 is stronger than 99.99% of the world's population is capable of. Don't believe my stats? Look it up for yourselves in the Encyclopedia of Bro Science.
Where can I get sichuan peppercorns over the interwebs? I know a few shops in chinatown, but I cant be assed to walk down there just for that.
I thought the ending was crap. Murdering the shit out of his family in that bunker was the only honest way to end the story.
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