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thanks guys for the help. just ordered the M overdyed olive oxford.
thanks to everyone who offered their adviceyes, the problem is i'm seeing such a discrepancy in the measurements between different shops. im trying to figure out which size would be closest to a 22.5" chest and 18.5 shoulders. the measurements provided by different shops vary so much that some shops say a M should be ok while another shop will say M is too small.
that is completely normal
i'm interested in this season's olive overdye oxford, but there so much discrepancy between measurements of the same shirt from different shops. one shop says a L has a 22" chest and 18.5" shoulders, another says 23" chest and 19" shoulders, and another shop says their L's have a 24.5" chest and 19.25" shoulders. i have no experience with gitman shirts, which one looks the most accurate? sorry for making another post about sizing question, but there is so much...
well i called and found out it was shipped out yesterday. (for anyone else who ordered)
i preordered one of those camo shirts in size L from the Gitman site. i dont own any other Gitman shirts and i think i may have ordered the wrong size. so i might be selling it once it arrives at the end of the month if it doesnt fit. just thought i'd give people here a heads up, if you wants dibs just PM me. thanks
how do Gitman shirts this season fit? i've been reading some things about how the fits are slightly changed this year. i'm 5'10" and 170 pounds, size 33-34 pants and 40 chest. im usually in between M or L for most brands, i'm thinking of going for a size L in Gitman shirt unless anyone here strongly advises against that. also, do gitman shirts shrink in the wash?
whats the sizing like for the Polka dot work shirt? i need something with a 22" chest and 18" shoudlers
hey guys, i'm trying to lower my weight by 10-15 pounds so i'm going to the gym more often now. when i run or exercise, i like to listen to music to keep me going, but my earphones are giving me problems. i'm looking for a new pair of earphones that won't fall out when i run, and won't fail on me if they get wet from sweat. i've seen a few options, but i'd really like to hear what earphones works for you guys who exercise regularly. thanks.
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