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I must be missing the mention of Norwegian Rain but add my vote to the spring offerings for that line, maybe including some of the brighter color options like the green and lighter blues. Particularly interested in the biker or double breasted silhouettes. Loving my moscow jacket now that it has gotten cold enough to wear.
I wanted to chime in and add to the high marks for the Norwegian Rain products. Last night my new Moscow coat arrived and it is terrific. I'm actually looking forward to testing it out in the cold snowy/rain season coming in the Mid-Atlantic.Those chocolates are turning out to be a nice accompaniment to my afternoon coffee. Thanks for the great product selection and customer service! Looks like I will be joining this thread full of regular customers!
Bump for being a good seller with my recent tie purchase.
Their employee dress code does not allow jeans to be worn on the sales floor so I would suggest chinos or other non-denim pants.
Could you provide inseam measurements or are they unfinished?
Sent pm
What are the measurements on the MB sweater
pm sent for 5
PM sent on two of the shirts.
I have recently lost weight and have realized that all of my 42 suit jackets are really too big for me. I am much more a size 40. I took one of my suits to a local tailor and she said she could not take the jacket in ( a three button, side vented) at the waist without causing a "roll" of sorts through the chest and that the chest could not be taken in. She suggested I leave my jacket as is and just buy size 40 when I get any new suits. I will take that advise and look...
New Posts  All Forums: