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Bump for being a good seller with my recent tie purchase.
Their employee dress code does not allow jeans to be worn on the sales floor so I would suggest chinos or other non-denim pants.
Could you provide inseam measurements or are they unfinished?
Sent pm
What are the measurements on the MB sweater
pm sent for 5
PM sent on two of the shirts.
I have recently lost weight and have realized that all of my 42 suit jackets are really too big for me. I am much more a size 40. I took one of my suits to a local tailor and she said she could not take the jacket in ( a three button, side vented) at the waist without causing a "roll" of sorts through the chest and that the chest could not be taken in. She suggested I leave my jacket as is and just buy size 40 when I get any new suits. I will take that advise and look...
pm sent on the j. crew pincords
I think this sounds like a good idea and have decided to also be a pioneering member of the PSOTM club. I will be looking forward to the surprise in the mail for the next three months.
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