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Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty It makes thrifting for shoes really easy How so?
Neep a new man bag for university. Penfield Oxon. Thoughts on Hickory material?
Those the CvsF's Connor? I'd love to see some detail shots.
NO!!! Aw well, good luck with the sale.
Very interested, inside shots if possible?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie i bought some moccs for 9 bucks yesterday and realized i haven't spent more than 30 dollars on a pair of shoes[new/used] in over 3 years, and i joined sf in 07... this seems like the sort of thing that shouldn't be possible. I wish I could say the same, another pair of converse just fell apart on me. Its as if they make the soles out of newspaper and spit.
Ya I need to get some thread and stitch a cross into the area beside the coin pocket for some reinforcement. The stitch on the belt loop isn't coming any further through and is hidden by my belt, so not really minding. Worth it for the kickass denim and cut.
One Month pics. Never soaked/washed, but got caught in a rainstorm coming back from church on Sunday (Bad sign methinks and now feel much stiffer. Details, details... Electric blue ftw:
Quote: Originally Posted by naaaaate Could a friendly mod please rename me Thizztóbal Ballinciaga Some of us will have to live with our stupid names.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol dark jeans are a neutral So wear whatever colours I like? But then how do shoes come into the equation? I presume they matter.
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