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Just picked up the mini lug boat shoes. Seem very well built and very comfortable.
I owned that JLC. It's a beautiful watch, but I had real issues with legibility and sold it.
Anyone know where I can find the Barbour scarf shown in this ad (it's an Orvis ad, but folks at Orvis haven't been helpful). Thanks. http://bargainswoop.com/orvis/62844-timeless-barbour-styles-you-can-wear-right-now
I've received a handful of completely unhelpful and confusing email responses to my inquiries regarding whether they are going to send out sale lists and make sale shoes available for email orders. Has anyone had any success, and if so what have you learned?
Price Drop on the Burgundy NST.
Price Drop
For a brief period of time, I was convinced that I was a 10.5D, and managed to stockpile a number of top quality shoes in that size. As you can see from the photos, none has been worn more than 4 or 5 times (and one has only been worn around the house). 1. Alden NST Handsewn Burgundy Calfskin laceup in Aberdeen last in 10.5 D. Worn no more than five times. Comes with box and bags (but not shoe trees). New they sell for $465. Asking $190 SOLD PENDING...
What size do you normally wear EG or Alden shoes (just by way of comparison)?
Oh, and 10.5 UK (d or e) as well. Thanks.
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