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Quote: Originally Posted by continuum pm me yr paypal ill buy it tonight if you can provide refs and/or set up ebay auction I know this dude from another forum, he seems to be a legit-ass dude, even if he asks too many questions about inane stuff. I wouldn't worry about getting scammed by him.
got measurements on the remaining geller shirt? the 48 black + brown striped? thanks
100% wool! Super 120. I bought this for over $400, and it's only been worn once, come on guysss
Price drop to $265 These retail for about $450 I think, plus you get bonus goodies
Really need this gone, open to acceptable offers
Hi there, there's about 2.5" of material to let out.
You know the deal, standard 1-btn black Thick as Thieves notch lapel suit. Frogsmouth pockets, ticket pocket on the jacket. Interior lining is brilliant white. For reference I'm the standard slim build, 6' 1". I had the pants and jacket taken in to fit a little slimmer, but now I've moved home and put on weight it doesn't fit me any more. My loss, your gain. **WORN ONCE - GREAT CONDITION** US$265 Comes with free Kent Wang pocket square (white linen), tailorstore shirt...
What do you want for the slim jims shipped to new zealand?
Need these in black, is that likely to happen?
Jason, I have a question: My jacket is significantly longer than all of the recent ones, was this due to asking to have the button stance lowered an inch or so?
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