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Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy What kind of shoes? That nike w/ ankle socks was
Quote: Originally Posted by gstarsuperstar Hello all, im from uk and just bought these jeans (denim), and the material stinks of cat pee, its not the first time ive bought gstar jeans and this was the case. I just want to know if anyone else finds this a problem with any gstar jeans they may have bought where the denim just doesnt smell nice at all. I want to take them back but dont have my receipt, the smell is overpowering and i refuse to wear...
I don't think it helps as much as you might think. I put my smelly jeans outside for a few days one time and they were in bright sun all day and even that wouldn't get the smell out, I ended up having to machine wash them a few times. It works for light smells in t-shirts and stuff but not heavy worn-in smells. I like sun-drying certain t-shirts that I want to fade out and get a vintage look.
Quote: Originally Posted by morse9443 WTF are we talking about here? Underwear or jeans? I don't have any nudies, but I did just make the switch to boxer briefs - and I couldn't be more pleased! Wow, you post useless shit in everyones threads huh?
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya The Iron Heart flannels? They're pictured above. All we have left is Gray in Small and Blue in XL, they run the same as the chambray shirts, which there is a measurement chart of on our online store. Damn I never thought I find myself liking a flannel shirt, but those look like quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sigmatic wait. so ohsaka posts RAWS and you guys aren't happy now? but they're Post away, I just want to see some worn Somet slim fits
^ Brutus,What do you think of SC's? I was thinking about getting those but wasn't sure if they would fit well. Got any fit pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black oh god to think at one point i used to lust after those custom made Gucci/Burberry patterned AF1's...i bet those patterns were ripped off of fake handbags too ^ lol Stick ^ I also had the low top Louis vuitton classic leather print ones, gucci low top grey print, and gucci low top light brown print. I'm proud to say I never stooped to complete douche-ness with the classic burberry print They were...
J those look nice.. are they black? Has anyone ever taken an older faded pair of jeans and washed them with never-before-washed jeans to get the new pair to bleed its indigo out on the older pair and darken them up? Does it work? Monte, I was kind of disappointed with my honeycombs after washing also, they soften up in that area and don't cinch as easy as raw denim, after some more months of wear they will get the creases back and get more prominent honeycombs.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 just deal. us big strapping guys need smaller guys to do our bidding. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are 5'10" . Us normal sized guys need big idiots to do our dirty work.
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