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Does anyone have any recommendations for a plain white cotton shirt fabric thick enough so as not to be translucent over a hairy chest? I detest undershirts but have sadly yet to find white fabrics which aren't heavy twill that will work and have thus been forced to wear double layers in the summer heat. Thanks, EI
Looks great; am up for one of each. Would eventually like to also see versions with sidetabs and no back pockets. Outstanding looking work. D
Completely tangential (I apologize) but what goes into / purpose is served by the zip around the neck? Is there a hood hidden within? EI
Am also a fan of the proprietor.
This thread is massively entertaining, congrats all.
They started doing this, if I recall correctly, only a few years ago. They were previously (and I suspect remain) an antiques/eccentricities store with a specialization in colonial era fieldware (ie campaign furniture). Assuming they still have all of their non-clothing products it's certainly worth popping into their store on the upper east side-- some very interesting product in there, including at one point a restored flying fortress (?) ejector seat. EI
I'm really interested in current opinions on Gilberto here in NYC - I know he's been brought up here before but are there any more recent opinions on him? Thanks EI
Hermes ties run in the family so I have my own and have inherited some from my father etc. I find the Hermes designs much more interesting; like vineyard vines ferragamo seems to just have one design printed repeatedly (ie, one 'character') whereas Hermes often has two. Not a fan of anything that has an H or a horsebit on it, though; I think that if you buy Hermes you should look for something whimsical, not something that screams "Yes, this is an hermes tie" to the...
Gents, A colleague of mine is about to go to see Danny Ip, a tailor visiting from HK and staying at the NY Hilton. He asked me if I had heard of him and I promised I would see what I could find out. Apparently Ip is somehow associated with Biemonte Wong's Tailors. Anyone know anything? Bueller? EI
They work without socks because of the canvas. Genuinely magnificent, inspired, shoes. I am multicolor with envy. EI
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