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"gauze" in teh wild
I'm a true 42L. In fact, I have some off the peg suits in that size that were not altered in any way SS tends to run small, right?
This pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.
Thanks for clarifying. I couldn't tell if the bow tie was grosgrain or satin by looking at it on the SS website.You will be fine with a satin bow. Congratulations!
^ But we're having so much fun with it...
In my case, I would love to be able to dress like my grandfather. He was an aristocrat and had vast resources and impeccable taste. Reason enough for me.
I love the lapel width. Did you get the bow tie that SS throws in with the tux? Is it grosgrain like the lapels?I'm not sure about altering a sleeve with functional buttons. Perhaps someone with more expertise can chime in?
^ Is that SS? I'd show at least half an inch of shirt cuff.
Sweet!Unfortunately I'm a 42L. I live three blocks from a NM and one of my best friends works there as well. I'm always on the lookout for deals to be had. You made out like a bandit!
That makes two of us
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