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just ordered the br sahara boots in beeswax, 70 bucks.
Hi, Are you getting any more of the Sugar Cane Denim half-shirts in anytime soon? They look great! how do you take a shoulder measurement? I assume it's the width of your shoulders, taken at the widest part, yes? Thanks.
just bought a few pieces...let's hope they fit because they're non-returnable!
Hey gang, I have this jacket and have worn it this past year. I have enjoyed it. However, I'm worried that the faux fur hood thing will be horribly passe next winter. Is this jacket worth holding onto? Thanks, Mike edit: any of you know a good place to buy a leather hoody?
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 I finally got fed up with my 5EPxSFs (sized up one, whoops) so I cold soaked and then HOT tumble dried them inside out. I like the fit much better now!! where are those shoes from?
I have a pair of ic! berlin's in vechta. they are awesome. i also have a pair of chrome hearts.
i assume that a buttondown shirt should probably be tucked in, right? are there buttondown shirt that are designed to be left untucked? sorry for such a noob question.
Hi everyone. First post here, go easy on me! This jacket was a gift. I have no idea what to wear with it. It is a lighter-weight fabric. Doesn't seem dressy enough for normal business wear (but maybe on a casual Friday situation it would be okay?) and I have no idea how to dress down with this thing. My only idea is a button down white shirt? I'm usually pretty casual so I was thinking of layering a fitted t-shirt underneath? How about a bright, summery polo...
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