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i don't know fi this helps or not but I recently bought three suits at the BB semi-annual sale. in addition to the already marked down prices, I also applied for and got a brooks brothers card. this allowed me to take another 15% off of that day's purchases. pretty good deal, imo.
Seriously, Nordstrom. They were on the clearance rack. Don't make me post a pic of the receipt.
Picked them up at Nordstrom.
hey everybody, I am selling a Varvatos jacket. I am doing it through ebay. Click here for the link. Bidding starts at 100 bucks. Jacket has only been worn 2 or 3 times. Pretty much new. Here are a few pictures: If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you would like to buy the item, please go to ebay and bid. Thanks!
Bought some new shoes. About 250 bucks. I like them...nice and clean with no extra frills. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] You guys like?
just got the br sahara boots...did not need to go down half a size. do you guys use anything to protect the leather? so far, I've seen people talk about mink oil and beeswax. are either one of these products needed to ensure the life of the leather? thanks
i hate being noticed. I like to blend into the crowd. as such, i wear, exclusively, dark jeans with solid, muted, fitted t-shirts and polo shirts. shoes...a pair of black calfskin oxfords and a pair of boots. i have lots of coats/outerwear...a black, military style jacket, my wool/felt dark blue hoodie and a few other select pieces. for work clothes, suits. although I can't afford the MTM stuff...mostly Nordstrom Rack for me. hard to pick me out of a crowd...
you know, i can no longer find the article but I read that prada, like many other of the Italian luxury brands, does not make its own glasses. in fact, they don't even design them! They outsource the design of the frames and just sign off on the designs which come back to them. on goes the little prada stamp and people think that they're automatically the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you really want quality, look into other brands like ic! berlin...designed,...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Those are sold out for good.. sorry. blast! thanks anyways.
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