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holy cow those are beautiful shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by poelow However, for your second "outfit" I would suggest not wearing the button down collar with the suit, especially the businessy pinstripe. Please explain? I think I read that a button down collar is considered more casual and, in a formal business environment, should be reserved for the end of teh week but have never heard a prohibition on wearing the button down collar with a suit.
So, for any of you who saw my "help me match a tie to this shirt" thread, you are already fully aware of how much fashion help I need. For this week's installment, I am loooking for help with matching a striped suit to a striped shirt. From what I have been able to gather on the interwebs, the strips should differ in size so as not to clash with one another. I have gathered two outfits from my wardrobe to see what all of you think. I tried to do a third with a...
man, i've been away at work all day and this thread has exploded! makes me think that i shouldn't do the game over the weekend...slackers at work, ftw.
good enough...thanks guys. given that most of you went with tie #1, that'll be my first choice. however, enough of you chose tie #3 so I think I can also work with that combo. Check back next weekend because i'll have another installment of shirt/tie matching! thanks again.
tie #2 is from brooks brothers.
Hi guys, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to matching shirts to ties. Sure, I can do the solid shirt with a tie but when it comes to stripes or patterned shirts with ties, I start to lose it. I am hoping that you guys can help me out. Here's the shirt...BB Slim fit: Here is a closeup of the shirt: Tie #1: Tie #2: Tie #3: As far as the suit, the choices are navy blue, charcoal and a gray stripe. Thanks!
the drakes that a navy blue background?
I don't like spending much time on exercising because there are other things that I prefer doing. My solution has been to run for 35 minutes 4 times per week. I slowly ratchet up the number of city blocks I run so that as I get better at running, I still run for 35 minutes but increase distance. I don't understand the folks who run for 1+ hour(s).
brown looks good...wish I had a pair.
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