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I've had this post in my mind for a week now. I wonder when it'll actually happen.
Would Bruce really fit into this?
I'll throw in another recommendation for Raffaele Caruso suits. Your size might be hard to find though, unless you have access to a store with a full range of sizes and are willing to pay the full retail price. (I'm used to buying online where choice is limited - this might not be an issue for you). It's possible you'll need to size down, but if you can get the fit right then there's really nothing about the suits that make them incompatible with a more fashion-oriented...
I have NDC boat shoes in that colour and they look great worn in. I'm thinking swapping the white laces for light brown would be a cheap improvement too.
With all the style blogs out there, is the Sart even 'special' anymore? (Assuming you thought he had something to offer to begin with - and I felt he did). His photo updates are fairly infrequent and between each one I can find masses of photos to keep me going (and which appeal to me more) at a range of other blogs.
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Great buying experience with winston. chobochobo is always great to deal with.
Can anyone identify the Persol model worn by the guy with the cigarette (and the better taste in ties)? Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz
Will pay good money for the right item(s). Size between 48 and 52, depending on how slim they are.
Wait. TK Maxx has Isaia? I've only been into a store once and saw nothing good. Does stock vary based on location, with London and larger cities more likely to have the top stuff?
Belstaff. Probably the Brooklands blouson jacket.
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