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I just tried it and it didn't work. I'm in the UK.On a different note, I've bought two sweaters from Yoox this year that were listed as being wool, but turned out to be cashmere. One was Drumohr, the other Richard Grand (whom I'd never heard of but I've found the quality to be very good).
I finally saw Spectre last night and I know the brown SC you mean. Bond wore it in the desert scenes. It was linen and fit very nicely.I don't mind too much the snug fit of the main suit, but the center vent spoils it. I also rather liked the overcoats. My girlfriend liked the blouson Bond wears in the climatic scenes, so I've got to find one like it!
A side note but I wouldn't go by the Kiton measurements either. I've bought three from this seller and they all varied in their dimensions.
Those Tramezzas are stunning. I'm tempted - but the price, although fair, is a bit above my pay grade.
I'm loving what I see of Saint Crispin's shoes. Along with G&G they're on my to-buy list. Sorry for this newbie question, but can anyone tell me where St. Crispin shoes are from and how the name is pronounced?
I decided to buy a pair of the Santoni shearling-lined boots and I'm pleased I did. The shearling lining extends right down to the toe (top and bottom) and they're very comfortable. I've worn them twice since I took the photos and they've received several compliments. They're kind of hard to miss! I got them from an Italian seller on ebay for what seems to be less than 50% of retail. Well worth it. They fit just about true to size.
Thank you! They're definitely a quality shoe. I'm in the UK and I got them from a Hungarian seller who sells them for far less than British ebayers do.
I thought I'd try Vass. I got these on ebay. 'U Last' wingtips with lasted shoe trees. I'm happy.
Awesome suit at a great price for someone in the smaller size. I like how some of the European stores order the Milanese buttonhole.
They do indeed. It's a lovely looking suit.
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