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Can anyone identify the Persol model worn by the guy with the cigarette (and the better taste in ties)? Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz
Will pay good money for the right item(s). Size between 48 and 52, depending on how slim they are.
Wait. TK Maxx has Isaia? I've only been into a store once and saw nothing good. Does stock vary based on location, with London and larger cities more likely to have the top stuff?
Belstaff. Probably the Brooklands blouson jacket.
Price drops on the shirts.
I have a few polos which I really like. I'm wearing one right now actually. Fit seems to vary. Can't comment on the cashmere if that's what you're asking about.
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh Aren't most of Thom Browne's items made in Japan now? Both of those sellers from Montreal have excellent feedback despite selling fake items, makes me paranoid about buying on ebay. Anyone know if this is legit: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...m=150533987839 That seller is 100% legit. The shirt is a bit expensive though, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by eddievddr10 which seller is that? See the seller of the Tom Ford shirts. http://cgi.ebay.com/TOM-FORD-Mens-Na...item3a666b63c6 And compare the listing to this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Thom-Browne-Whit...item19c5d0a774 Same style. Same location too.
The way the buttons are sewn on the blue one is a sign that it's a fake. And the buttons themselves. Can't tell on the white but I imagine they're the same. There is another seller who uses the same format selling Thom Browne polo shirts which raised my suspicions just a little. Now they're on red alert.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynWeGoHard +1 to that. Why the OP sold this jacket is beyond me. You keep stuff like this, and pass it on to your son. This made me sad. The jacket wasn't bought from Gilt, BTW. Borrelli and Tom Ford shirts added.
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