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A side note but I wouldn't go by the Kiton measurements either. I've bought three from this seller and they all varied in their dimensions.
Those Tramezzas are stunning. I'm tempted - but the price, although fair, is a bit above my pay grade.
I'm loving what I see of Saint Crispin's shoes. Along with G&G they're on my to-buy list. Sorry for this newbie question, but can anyone tell me where St. Crispin shoes are from and how the name is pronounced?
I decided to buy a pair of the Santoni shearling-lined boots and I'm pleased I did. The shearling lining extends right down to the toe (top and bottom) and they're very comfortable. I've worn them twice since I took the photos and they've received several compliments. They're kind of hard to miss! I got them from an Italian seller on ebay for what seems to be less than 50% of retail. Well worth it. They fit just about true to size.
Thank you! They're definitely a quality shoe. I'm in the UK and I got them from a Hungarian seller who sells them for far less than British ebayers do.
I thought I'd try Vass. I got these on ebay. 'U Last' wingtips with lasted shoe trees. I'm happy.
Awesome suit at a great price for someone in the smaller size. I like how some of the European stores order the Milanese buttonhole.
They do indeed. It's a lovely looking suit.
Looks nice. Surely more blue than charcoal, though?
I noticed they had 25% off on many items last week. They also gave me a 20% off code for my birthday, so together they made for a nice saving. I got an Attolini suit for £800.
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