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I keep coming back and looking at those Tramezzas. Beautiful, unique and very tempting.
I bought the shorter, peacoat version of that in cashmere from Pauw Mannen. They're really nice, although I wish the lapels rolled down lower. They fit very slim.
Ah, I had a feeling those Drumohr knits they used to have in sizes like 32 were not as small as that.
What is it with Yoox stating that Drumohr knitwear "fits large"? Everything I've bought fits small, if anything.
Nice! If they were a 38 I'd buy both.
Anyone want a Cesare Attolini cashmere coat for 69.99 Euros? (That's the starting bid, but I doubt if it'll be jumped all over, for reasons that will be clear once you view the listing). http://www.ebay.it/itm/CAPPOTTO-CESARE-ATTOLINI-NAPOLI-100-CASHMERE-JACKET-COAT-TG-50-ATTOLINI-CESARE-/181928520958?hash=item2a5bc8ecfe:g:cQwAAOSw14xWQiPP I've never seen such an old label. I wonder just how old it is.
Must admit those were my thoughts.
I've just been sent a code that doesn't appear to be a secret. 15% off. RELAX15
I don't know why I assumed that. I guess I was aware of the Tom Ford blousons and other casual outfits Bond has worn by Tom Ford.
Is this really the same jacket? I did assume it was Tom Ford. I assumed Tom Ford would supply all of the clothing Bond wears for the movie.
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