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Somehow I was reminded of this trainwreck:
I think it's unlikely that they faced any problems in their white community. They're probably using that as an excuse because they don't want a black child.A comment from another forum:"This suggests a business opportunity: the Lucky Dip Spermbank, where clients get impregnated with the seed of some random guy off the street of any race or background. Because genetic determinism is "pseudoscience" and race is a "social construct", so any donation should be as good as any...
That confused me too. I wasn't sure if it meant that he sticks his fingers up at Somalis.
http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/09/05/Nigerian-Muslim-Convert-Suspect-EdmontonShe survived the Luftwaffe only to be murdered by 'diversity'.
The cultural enrichment continues...
This has nothing to do with tourism. Is it a matter of freedom when a British-born muslim travels to the middle east to join Islamic State in beheading captives? Should such a person be permitted to return to Britain and carry on life as normal?
Who said anything about civil liberties? If anything, civil liberties would be restored once political correctness is done away with. I do, however, wish for the most severe retribution against the politicians, academics, media figures, etc. who have been most responsible for the current social-political climate in the UK and wider Western world.
Things are bad in Britain, yes, but this is a disease which affects basically the entire western world today. I'm confident that there will be a massive backlash in coming decades.
Yoox hasn't sent me that code yet... but they did (rather randomly) give me SUPERSTAR status yesterday. It's weird because I haven't bought much from Yoox this year.
The latest arrivals look suspiciously like autumn/winter items. The price goof highlight must be a pair of Boss Black jeans at £762!
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