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Offers considered. Shocked that such a premium jacket at such a low price hasn't gathered any interest!
Price drop. Is anyone interested in this? If so then feel free to PM with an offer.
Dropped to $400.
Yes, it's still available.
I just noticed reflections that look like scuffs but the toes are totally unmarked.
I purchased these Santoni shoes in a size that would normally fit, but they ended up being too big. The sole type plus the little window thing inside with the model # and size makes me think these are a higher grade model, such as the Goodyear line (although Goodyear are usually marked as such). If anyone has any info, feel free to chime in - even if it doesn't work in my favour. Marked a size 9 but fit larger. I normally wear a size 9.5UK - 10UK (average width) and...
I just re-measured the shoulders and they actually measure 17.25" across from seam to seam. I re-measured everything else and there are no other errors.I tend to be very precise with measurements and they represent the absolute maximum distance between the two points being measured. Some sellers seem to just toss the garment on the bed and drop a tape measure on top and write down what they see, which is how I end up with lots of clothes that don't fit. You can have full...
'Mild' spalla camicia, as seen in these jackets, is tasteful IMO.
Price drop. Willing to accept offers so start a dialogue and it might work in your favour.
Fantastic stuff!
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