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I just meant one of the lower quality examples. They seem to vary and the better ones are still pretty good shirts IMO.
Thanks Wicky. I imagine this would be a lower priced Goodyear shoe as it's suede. $1,900 seems way off. I see you're normally a UK 9. I hope mine fit! The measurements suggest that they will.
I bought these shoes from German ebay: http://www.ebay.de/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280951895784&ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:GB:3160 269 Euro plus 9.90 shipping. Approximately $350. They appear to be the exact same pair which are $759 at Shop The Finest, with a claimed retail price of $1,900. How accurate that price is I don't know and if anyone can confirm I'd appreciate...
Well, that all changed recently. Now there are too many coats and jackets to choose from. Some nice stuff from Cantarelli and Caruso.I notice the 'Caruso' stuff seems to be priced higher than the Sartoria Parma items.
The link works for me, probably because it links to the UK site (which I use). Seems like a good price. I'd be interested to know whether it has hand sewn button holes, collar, etc. Lower Borrelli doesn't have this.
Thanks. This does suggest that I'd be fine with size 8.5. Crazy sizing.Does anyone know of the 'Goodyear' fit like the FAM?
There are some at STF and also on ebay.
Yes, that decimal point made me chuckle. I've never understood why they even bother providing that measurement when sizing overall is so hit and miss.The more I think about it, the more I think you're probably right. I think it actually was STP and not Yoox. Now I feel like a dope!
Important additional info: would the same sizing advice follow for the Goodyear Santoni range?
I know there's a lot of info about Santoni sizing on here and I've long been aware that they tend to fit large, but I'm not sure how the boots compare to the shoes. I would say that I'm a UK 9.5 - 10. I own shoes in both sizes which fit perfectly. I own a pair of Santoni boots - fatte a mano range - in a size 9/43 and even these require thick socks to fit properly. So my question: If I bought a pair of fatte a mano shoes in an 8.5/42.5 do you think they would fit or do...
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