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Nice. Very nice. If only it were a little larger. Is that shoulder measurement correct? 16 3/4" seems narrow.
I just got an email from Yoox with a 10% off coupon, good until September 25th. JUSTFORYOU@YOOX I'm sure it isn't "just for me".
Yes, I had kind of got the impression that "Caruso" might be the main/only label now. Especially as the website has no mention of SP.
It might help to mention what size the suit is. It's common for sellers to under-measure so if anything the actual measurement could be wider. Impossible to know, of course. It's a small difference and as others have said it may or may not matter. In my experience it partly depends on fabric weight and how structured it is. You mentioned the shoulder width of your best-fitting jacket. What about your other jackets? It's good to compare to as many as possible that you...
Thanks Wicky. I actually have brown tones pretty well covered already. I was actually planning to send you a PM and will do so now.
It might be a while before a new coupon as the 'readyforfall' one just expired last Sunday. Hopefully I'm wrong...
I'm on the look out for sport jackets and coats from brands such as Caruso, Sartorio, Lardini, Partenopea and equivalent Italian sartorial labels. New or used. Size EU 48-50, depending on fit. Mostly interested in solid colours. Sport jackets could be summer or winter weight. I'm especially looking for the 'holy grail' blue blazer/jacket. Try me.
Is this a size 54? I think that's what I see on the label.
I just meant one of the lower quality examples. They seem to vary and the better ones are still pretty good shirts IMO.
Thanks Wicky. I imagine this would be a lower priced Goodyear shoe as it's suede. $1,900 seems way off. I see you're normally a UK 9. I hope mine fit! The measurements suggest that they will.
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