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I've actually got used to the new site and don't mind it anymore. I just wish you could select to view more items per page as you could on the old site. (Maybe you can but I don't see the option).Do you do this often? I've heard (on here) of people being booted out of Yoox for returning too much.
A couple of years ago I had superstar status, but, alas, it was taken away from me after a while. I never knew if this was because it was time-limited to begin with or because I was returning too much.
Are those sleeve lengths accurate? They seem very short.
They don't seem to have added many new items for a while. I hope this isn't everything for fall/winter. There isn't a single winter coat that I want.
The code seems to be working for me now. Of course further glitches could rear their ugly heads when I proceed with my order...
The code (which I was sent via email so it must be intended for my country) is invalid when I try and use it. I tried to send an email to customer services to put this glitch on the record and increase my chance of having it applied to my order next week, but the email failed to send. It told me I needed to enter something into the message field, which of course I had done.
Absolutely! Ebay are one of the biggest offenders. They never run out of new ways to make the site worse.
A survey came via email. Filling it out was supposed to give a preview of the new look, but now I'm apparently stuck with it. I suppose it isn't terrible, it just seems bland and reminds me of the 'threedifferent' site.
Why am I not surprised that the new layout is bad?
Yoox never re-stocks. You've probably noticed that many items are only available in one or two sizes. As they're (technically) a discount store, they get what are essentially leftovers from retailers. It's probably not only leftovers (and if anyone knows more about where they get their stock then I'd be interested in hearing about it) but they often don't have a full range of sizes for an item.Occasionally they'll put up an item that was already on the site, but that's rare.
New Posts  All Forums: