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Well, all over Europe we're seeing people beginning to react to the fact that importing Islam into the West was a bad idea. Within another fifteen years or so we'll be seeing a massive nativist revolt. Some countries are closer than others to that, but that's the general direction we're going in.I would like to see every politician responsible for this mess (as well as their enablers in the media) put before courts and punished in the manner quislings are traditionally...
I doubt very much if this was a false flag operation (although I wouldn't put it past the Israelis). It's just the Religion of Peace at work as usual. Thank goodness we're in the early stages of an uprising.
I find it highly unlikely that the attackers would even know that the white man was Bosnian. They probably never even heard of Bosnia.
That's because it was a black-on-white crime and that doesn't fit The Narrative. They'd prefer not to report it at all.
So you're saying that the police should ignore the opportunity to apprehend a robbery suspect on the basis that said suspect probably has poor impulse control and will try and kill them? Just leave them to it then or call in the cavalry?
The 'us and them' mentality, which is primarily responsible for the rioting and looting, was created by the media, with certain politicians and assorted prominent figures fanning the flames.When Officer Wilson was faced with the situation that day, future media-generated, selective outrage and the irrational response of the 'community' shouldn't have been a factor in the decisions he had to make. I'm not going to go over the actions the officer took as they are well...
They are?The second one is totally reasonable to the degree that nothing else need be said. The first one is true in that Wilson was just doing his job and his job is of importance to the community, and this remains the case regardless of the rioting and the looting (not to mention the white shitlib protesters).
You do know that whites get shot by police too, don't you? And in situations which range from genuinely questionable to outrageous.
Nice to see someone in authority telling it like it is:
A man lands a probe onto a comet and is then trolled into submission by his inferiors over a shirt. A typical event in the final chapter of Western civilization.
New Posts  All Forums: