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If you think you can realistically get to a point in the future that the pants will fit, and you really like the suit (I'm not sure what you mean by "nested suit", btw), then you might as well keep it.There have been times when I've bought something and it either hasn't fit or I've not been too thrilled with it, only to find, perhaps years later, that the item now fits or that I now actually really like it. I've usually forgotten I even had it.
In general, I don't pay much attention to the drop. At least in jackets. I wear a 48 or slim 50 (EU) and wear a 34 waist, but my size 48 drop 7 jackets fit fine and I even own a drop 9 Caruso that fits. In all of my extensive buying, shopping and measuring (and reading the measurements others have taken of jackets) I've found that the actual drop varies from brand to brand and garment to garment; and so I pay little attention to the stated drop. Plus, I've seen a drop...
In this case, I wondered if a change in the cut might have coincided with the change in quality. But I didn't realise that there was a runway show to compare with. I'll have a look. Thanks.
Well I was hoping for some pointers for spotting the Kiton ones on Yoox. If that sounds impossible with only the two photos I disagree, as I've learnt to spot certain things on other brands that help. For example, hand stitched buttonholes can be identified in some cases.
That's interesting regarding Massimo Piombo. Are there any ways to tell the good stuff from the bad under the limitations of online shopping? I have seen MP jackets with Sartorio labels inside, but obviously Yoox doesn't show that much detail.
I think free shipping offers will be around long after the EU has disintegrated.
Poor shoes! But thanks for the informative post. To my untrained eye, the disassembled parts don't look much different for each shoe. I've bookmarked your blog for further reading.
Nice stuff! Zim13 is always a pleasure to deal with.
I recently bought this gorgeous 100% cashmere Sartoria Attolini jacket, but it's too similar to one I already own, so it must go. This is an older jacket, made before they re-named the company Cesare Attolini. But it's in flawless condition and, other than the label, is almost identical to more recent stock. Cloth: Beautiful beige cashmere in a herringbone pattern. Very soft. 3 roll 2 Fully lined Patch pockets at the hips Functional cuff buttons. These were obviously...
Do I hear $400, anyone? $400 shipped!
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