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I just wanted to bump this. If you have anything then please let me know.
Wow! I'm unfamiliar with the brand myself, but the hand made quality is evident in the photos.
They may have given me free delivery too, but I can't remember. I don't really pay attention to free delivery offers as I always choose next-day delivery.I am a superstar.
Before Christmas I bought a couple of items from Yoox and decided I wanted to return them. I filled out the return form but decided to wait until after Christmas to arrange for the UPS pickup. I ended up deciding I wanted to keep the items. Last month I received an email from Yoox, apologizing for the delay in processing my return. They gave me a 15% discount code which can be used twice on any orders between now and June. Not a bad result.
Awesome. Could you post chest and (jacket) waist measurements please.
^ They look great. A very sleek last - reminds me of a G&G last.
Beautiful jacket. Wish it were a 38.
^ Just stunning...
Nice stuff. I saw the Attolini/Vacca jacket on ebay and would've grabbed it if it weren't for the sleeve length. I hope someone for whom the measurements work buys it, as it deserves to be worn.
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