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These will go fast.
Sweet coat. It's a lot like one they had on Yoox last season which I bought in black (paid £680) and wished I'd picked up the camel one too.
Very nice. Pity it's so slim. Are those chest and waist measurements accurate? I hope that isn't an insulting question, I'm just hoping they're wrong. If you have any other Sartorio jackets you want to get rid of then give me a shout. Especially spring/summer weight.
I love polo shirts, but to look good they have to fit slim and the sleeve must fit close to the bicep. Most look pretty bad, with sleeves that are too long and too wide and a generally sloppy fit. The best polos are made by (or perhaps I should say for) Tom Ford. They cost an arm and a leg but I haven't seen anything else which comes close.
Nice stuff! I'm a big fan of SP and hope you get some size 50 stuff.
Very nice!
Looks very fixable. The fabric isn't torn. If the price was good I would keep it.
I don't think that really counts as a lot to them over six months.I had SS status a few years ago and it sounds like nothing has changed. Status is revoked after a while.
Do you have photos of the others? They were all greyed out by the time I got there.
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