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This is very nice indeed. If it wasn't too early to think ahead to next spring, I'd buy it. (Feel free to store it away for a couple of months!)
Anyone who likes Zegna ties will like the preview. Not that they're well priced or anything...
I just got an email giving a preview of the next season. It included a 10% discount code which apparently works for all purchases until 18th November. Code: PREVIEW
In UK Pounds they're £219, so we're getting ripped off too.Is that brand of shoe any good? I've never heard of them but they do some nice looking boots.
So often when they announce by email that a new round of price drops have been made, I check my dreambox and nothing I'm watching has changed in price. Annoying.
Nice. Can you get other Caruso coats in size 40? Especially black.
Could you give some idea of what those items are? I've always kind of assumed that I was seeing prices on Yoox that were significantly below original retail cost, but I've had my suspicions about some things...Regarding discount codes: as soon as I discover them I always think of SF and post them. They're only ever the codes that they send by email anyway.
It's possible it's already en route to you. Recently I've noticed that the confirmations are delayed.
VOGUEWEEKEND for -10% until midnight of the 14th.
Invalid when I try it. Doesn't look like a typical Yoox code.
New Posts  All Forums: