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I seem to remember that one being available for a while. Shawl collar, silk if I recall.
^ it's hard to find a contemporary jacket that is actually pressed into a three button configuration these days. Almost all will roll to the middle button, to varying degrees.
I do remember that one, but I let it be. Were you after it?
Haha! When I grab something from Yoox I always wonder if anyone from SF was watching it. Likewise, when something in my Dreambox is sold I usually assume a SF'er might be responsible!
I don't wish top appear narcissistic, but I bought 4 Attolini sportcoats and two suits from Yoox last year - paying pretty much full price for all of them. At the time, the cashmere sportcoats were listed for around £1,700. I noticed when the next batch came in, early this year, they were listed at over £2,000. I didn't buy any. The latest ones are being listed in the £1,400 - £1,700 range again (depending on whether they're cashmere or not.) I'm wondering if the price...
Would've been late August last year. I'm curious why you ask.
Yes. Here is the Yoox photo.I also bought a couple of others from Yoox, which I sold once the consequences of my frivolous spending caught up with me. Yes, cashmere is more fragile, but if you're careful it will last. I bought an Attolini cashmere peacoat which was my daily coat through last winter and is still mint now.
Attolini, yes. By far the most luxurious cashmere I've ever experienced in a jacket.
To an extent, but take this for an example: I have two Attolini suits, both size 48 drop 7, and one measures 18.75 inches across the waist and the other 19.5 inches.The first one I actually sold because it was too slim. The second one fits me although the trousers needed letting out at the waist. I'm not sure who it is meant to fit, to be honest. When I was slimmer and the trousers fit perfectly, the jacket was too roomy in the waist.
Going back to the subject of Stile Latino, I just checked a jacket I bought from Yoox a year ago. It is a drop 8, although it's quite roomy and even over a shirt and sweater would ideally be a bit slimmer. My size 50 drop 7 Attolini jackets fit slimmer. This is why I don't pay too much attention to drop and go by measurements. (I'm a 48 - 50 with a 34" waist.) I am very pleased with it, though. Light construction and very comfortable to wear - and the super 120's cloth is...
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