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I'm offering for sale a NWT Cesare Attolini suit in size 48EU. A wardrobe staple if ever I saw one. A bonus is that the type of cloth used makes the jacket very wearable as a sportcoat. I wouldn't normally with most suit jackets, but in this case I would (and will be if nobody buys it). Cloth 90% wool 10% cashmere in a mid-grey glen plaid with red overcheck. All photos accurately represent the colour in the respective lighting conditions (no flash was used), but pay...
Has anyone here ever returned something to Yoox only to have them not accept it? I'm curious what they would do; like whether they would automatically send it back to you. I only ask as I recently sent something back quite a long time after ordering it. I had filled in the return form within the window of opportunity.
The pants are flat front with a plain hem. They are a mid-rise. Definitely not low but not high either. Basically the sort of rise you'll find on most contemporary, non-fashion brands.
Thanks razl! I just dropped the price. If you're out there, you want the suit but are hesitant about the price, then message me and we might be able to come to some arrangement. The things I'm selling that have no hope of fitting me are those which I'm most keen to send to a new home.
Thanks razl! I've dropped the price. A thousand bucks for a NWT Attolini cashmere jacket!
Here I offer for sale a gently used Cesare Attolini suit in a beautiful wool/silk blend. A handsome summer suit that I'm gutted doesn't fit me. Cloth: 90% wool 10% silk in a light brown glen plaid with honey overcheck. Colour accurate in photos. Lighter weight. Details: 3 roll 2 Fully lined Moderate shoulder padding Functional sleeve buttons Flat front pants Condition: The suit isn't new, but if it has been worn then it was very infrequently. I've inspected it...
I've dropped the price to $1,100 which is a steal for Cesare Attolini cashmere. Offers still considered.
Here is a lovely summer suit from Orazio Luciano in good used condition. I love this brand. Quality handmade Neapolitan style at a more affordable price. I bought this suit used but it's a little too slim for me, most notably in the waist; so it's time to go. Cloth: 100% wool. Light grey with lighter grey stripes. Light weight and perfect for summer. 3 roll 2 Fully lined Single (shallow) pleated pants Functional sleeve buttons Condition: Gently worn, no real signs...
I recently bought this gorgeous 100% cashmere Sartoria Attolini jacket, but it's too similar to one I already own, so it must go. This is an older jacket, made before they re-named the company Cesare Attolini. But it's in flawless condition and, other than the label, is almost identical to more recent stock. Cloth: Beautiful beige cashmere in a herringbone pattern. Very soft. 3 roll 2 Fully lined Patch pockets at the hips Functional cuff buttons. These were obviously...
Edited. I meant to list for $1,200. Duh. Throw me an offer. I want to shift this as I really am running out of space!
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