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Awesome suit at a great price for someone in the smaller size. I like how some of the European stores order the Milanese buttonhole.
They do indeed. It's a lovely looking suit.
Looks nice. Surely more blue than charcoal, though?
I noticed they had 25% off on many items last week. They also gave me a 20% off code for my birthday, so together they made for a nice saving. I got an Attolini suit for £800.
Attolini stuff really is awesome, and this looks like a stunning suit.
I wish to buy Cesare Attolini sportcoats, coats/outerwear and perhaps suits. New or used. I'm a size 38/48. Cash waiting for the right items, so if you have something you want to sell, give me a try. Thanks.
Those things are beautiful. I take it you state the US size? I am a UK 9 - 9.5 and if these had any chance of fitting me I would take them.
Uhh it was £867 after 20% was knocked off. A bit crazy for Caruso, but I wanted a jacket of that colour, so I'm doing the best I can to justify it... lol
Using 'SHOP20', I bought the Caruso jacket you see below. It was still pricey even with the code, but it's really nice and fits perfectly over a sweater (It fits a bit large I would say). The shoulders are quite padded, as they appear to be on most of the Caruso offerings lately, and it actually reminds me of a Brioni fit. The model is 'Venezia Parma'.The cloth is fantastic. It's a cashmere/silk mix by Loro Piana. (Loro Piana 'Sunset'). [[SPOILER]]
Is Madoff making money from this sale?
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