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I don't think that really counts as a lot to them over six months.I had SS status a few years ago and it sounds like nothing has changed. Status is revoked after a while.
Do you have photos of the others? They were all greyed out by the time I got there.
OK, who snapped up the Cesare Attolini jackets? I think they were in the £300 range and all sold out. I'm sure we'll see them on ebay (and B&S here) for twice the price.
I've noticed that Brioni seems to be becoming less distinguishable from the Neapolitan brands now, from what I've seen of the coats and jackets in their London store. Lots of 2.5 button, soft-shoulder jackets with patch pockets. Even the lapel shape is 'less Brioni' than it used to be. Anyone else notice this? The assistant at the store did insist that I try on a stunning cashmere coat, and then out she comes with a stack of other coats including a reversible...
Thanks, the insider information is always interesting.
A while back I saw a Kiton shirt in their promotional photos that I really liked. After inquiring at their store I discovered it would be cheaper to have the same fabric used in a MTM shirt than to buy the RTW version.
Well I'm very glad they're still in business!I'm surprised there are still NWT Sartoria Attolini jackets popping up that were manufactured so long ago. Makes me wonder where they've been all this time.
Old thread that answered my question. Sort of...Does this mean that the Sartoria Attolini items that are coming up for sale now (two years after this thread was current) are all 12-14 years old?
Great jackets and fantastic presentation with the photos and measurements. The tape measure lets me know for sure that, alas, they are too small.
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