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'Mild' spalla camicia, as seen in these jackets, is tasteful IMO.
Price drop. Willing to accept offers so start a dialogue and it might work in your favour.
Fantastic stuff!
I'm yet to own any G. Abo, but they look pretty amazing.
I just took a couple of photos to show how it fits on me. Over a thick sweater it fits quite well I think.
Price drop. I really want to move this so PM me and start a dialogue.
Price drop to $400. Just four notes for an Attolini cashmere sportcoat!
I've dropped the price way down to $450 shipped. Any takers? It really is a beautiful lightweight summer suit.
I bought this extremely rare 3 piece suit and found it fits much smaller than the stated size. Gutting really as I'm unlikely to find another. Condition Gently worn. No real signs of wear. Cloth Super 130's 'Dandy Attitude' wool. Mid-weight flannel. Light grey with dark grey/white windowpane. Model Base Cortina. Details Jacket: 2 button closure Patch pockets at hips Barchetta chest pocket Double vented Unlined except for shoulders and sleeves Waistcoat: Double...
Here is the back view. Remember it might fit differently on you.
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