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Yes it's a 3 roll 2. If it were a 3 I wouldn't have bought it or I would be sending it back. The lapels aren't that narrow but yes, they aren't exactly wide either.
I ordered this Sartorio jacket yesterday and it just arrived (yes I'm impatient and get next-day delivery).http://www.yoox.com/uk/41528106PX/item?dept=#sts=orders80&cod10=41528106PX&sizeId=6 [[SPOILER]] To say I'm pleased is an understatement. It fits perfectly (size 38/48) and the cloth is wonderful. I advise anyone who wears the remaining size to grab it.
Thanks. The code doesn't seem to work for any of the higher-priced items I want to buy, though.
Any codes in the pipeline? I have a few grands worth of items I want to get but I'm holding back in case a 20% off code appears soon.
You appear to be referring to the caste system. The existence of such does not negate the biological existence of race.
Transgenderism is psychological disorder. Race is biological.
In my experience these items can still be bought until they disappear from your dreambox.I have about half a dozen items in my dreambox which aren't showing up on the general site anymore, so I hope I'm correct.
Jeez, some of the sportcoats (by Zegna, Pal Zileri, etc.) look like they're about twenty years old.
Well, all over Europe we're seeing people beginning to react to the fact that importing Islam into the West was a bad idea. Within another fifteen years or so we'll be seeing a massive nativist revolt. Some countries are closer than others to that, but that's the general direction we're going in.I would like to see every politician responsible for this mess (as well as their enablers in the media) put before courts and punished in the manner quislings are traditionally...
I doubt very much if this was a false flag operation (although I wouldn't put it past the Israelis). It's just the Religion of Peace at work as usual. Thank goodness we're in the early stages of an uprising.
New Posts  All Forums: