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Wow! I'm unfamiliar with the brand myself, but the hand made quality is evident in the photos.
They may have given me free delivery too, but I can't remember. I don't really pay attention to free delivery offers as I always choose next-day delivery.I am a superstar.
Before Christmas I bought a couple of items from Yoox and decided I wanted to return them. I filled out the return form but decided to wait until after Christmas to arrange for the UPS pickup. I ended up deciding I wanted to keep the items. Last month I received an email from Yoox, apologizing for the delay in processing my return. They gave me a 15% discount code which can be used twice on any orders between now and June. Not a bad result.
Awesome. Could you post chest and (jacket) waist measurements please.
^ They look great. A very sleek last - reminds me of a G&G last.
Beautiful jacket. Wish it were a 38.
^ Just stunning...
Nice stuff. I saw the Attolini/Vacca jacket on ebay and would've grabbed it if it weren't for the sleeve length. I hope someone for whom the measurements work buys it, as it deserves to be worn.
Gorgeous. Could you post close-ups?
Ah, now I see it! I think it's most noticeable in the third pic down.
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