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Are those Rider walnut cordovan boots in the original post still available anywhere? I saw them in the feature photo on the main page and thought wow, I want.
I've got nearly £3,000 worth of stuff in my basket and I really need a code. Why did they have to make me a 'Superstar' (and then revoke it) on the two occasions where I had no money.
Thanks guys. I think the lapels always look slightly narrower when Yoox buttons the top button.I'm not sure what others would say but it probably fits a bit tight at the collar. But I'm used to that as I'm a 38 chest with a 16.5 neck.I also bought this navy cotton Caruso jacket as I like the colour and the patch pockets. It fits about as well as the Sartorio except the sleeves are too long. Caruso seem to make their sleeves too lengthy on some models. For this reason, plus...
Just a quick fit pic. [[SPOILER]]
Yes it's a 3 roll 2. If it were a 3 I wouldn't have bought it or I would be sending it back. The lapels aren't that narrow but yes, they aren't exactly wide either.
I ordered this Sartorio jacket yesterday and it just arrived (yes I'm impatient and get next-day delivery).http://www.yoox.com/uk/41528106PX/item?dept=#sts=orders80&cod10=41528106PX&sizeId=6 [[SPOILER]] To say I'm pleased is an understatement. It fits perfectly (size 38/48) and the cloth is wonderful. I advise anyone who wears the remaining size to grab it.
Thanks. The code doesn't seem to work for any of the higher-priced items I want to buy, though.
Any codes in the pipeline? I have a few grands worth of items I want to get but I'm holding back in case a 20% off code appears soon.
You appear to be referring to the caste system. The existence of such does not negate the biological existence of race.
Transgenderism is psychological disorder. Race is biological.
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