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Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar She is not stunning but compared to him ,she is gorgeous... Nobody is putting her on a pedestal... If I was seeing them walking down the street ,I would still think she could have done better... I don't know who she is or what she does, but she looks fairly plain to me, although she also looks good-natured which counts for a lot. Schuman seems like a fairly good-looking guy to my (straight) eye. Other...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's You are either a buyer or do not understand exposure metrics and how to leverage them to your advantage as a seller. I'm a buyer and I understand "exposure metrics", which is why I like short auctions. From a selling point of view I think 7 days is enough.
Personally I hate 10 day auctions. They simply last too long. I like 'em short and sweet.
Can you give waist and thigh measurements for the Jacob Cohen?
I hope that button has extra reinforcement or it'll pop off one of these days. ^ I like the tie.
I wish we got to see the what he was wearing. Perhaps it wasn't worth looking at, but as this is George Cortina then I doubt that.
I'd be interested in that large red check in size 15.75.
These look nice. Great detailing and they look warm. If I had the money now to buy for next winter I'd grab one.
Getting any more?
Drops. Seriously, you'd be amazed at the value disparity that I'd accept for the right trade. For instance, three used TB shirts for these two Kiton shirts, as long as they're interesting.
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