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^ Just stunning...
Nice stuff. I saw the Attolini/Vacca jacket on ebay and would've grabbed it if it weren't for the sleeve length. I hope someone for whom the measurements work buys it, as it deserves to be worn.
Gorgeous. Could you post close-ups?
Ah, now I see it! I think it's most noticeable in the third pic down.
It's the mark of privilege.
I don't see the lavender in the photos. Is it very evident when seen in person?
Yeah, brilliant.
Is that parody? With the political left, it's often hard to tell.
Is that with a code?I still have 'previewbf' applied in my basket which gives 20% off. I don't see any reference on the (UK) site to anything other than a 20% discount.
Any more thoughts on this subject now that more of you have probably seen the film?Caruso have been putting out 'Mao' collared jackets lately, for some reason. Christoph Waltz was very impressive in his role, IMO. I can't wait to see him in the next film.
New Posts  All Forums: