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I know it's summer but I'm thinking ahead, so if anyone is holding anything back due to the season then please contact me. I want to buy at least one winter coat, new or used. Quality level: Sartorial labels, roughly Caruso or higher. So think the usual Neapolitan brands but not strictly Neapolitan. Size: 40/50 (or thereabouts - should measure about 22 inches pit-to-pit). I'll pay good (but fair) money for the right items. I'd rather buy an exceptional used item than a...
I'm in the UK. It came by email but the promotion shows on the items in my dreambox anyway.Valid until midnight July 27th.
LOVEDREAMBOX for 15% off.
File this subject under things my girlfriend wouldn't understand.
Thank you for responding. I've done business with Ron in the past (MTO boots years ago). He's awesome to deal with.It sounds like I'll need to look elsewhere for boots of that sort though. Can you tell me how to best go about getting Vass boots? I've never owned any Vass but they have caught my eye.
Thanks!I order late morning and have found UPS at my door at just after 9am the next day. But I'm in the UK. I have no idea how fast the next day delivery option is for US customers.
Are those Rider walnut cordovan boots in the original post still available anywhere? I saw them in the feature photo on the main page and thought wow, I want.
I've got nearly £3,000 worth of stuff in my basket and I really need a code. Why did they have to make me a 'Superstar' (and then revoke it) on the two occasions where I had no money.
Thanks guys. I think the lapels always look slightly narrower when Yoox buttons the top button.I'm not sure what others would say but it probably fits a bit tight at the collar. But I'm used to that as I'm a 38 chest with a 16.5 neck.I also bought this navy cotton Caruso jacket as I like the colour and the patch pockets. It fits about as well as the Sartorio except the sleeves are too long. Caruso seem to make their sleeves too lengthy on some models. For this reason, plus...
Just a quick fit pic. [[SPOILER]]
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