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Edited. I meant to list for $1,200. Duh. Throw me an offer. I want to shift this as I really am running out of space!
This NWT Cesare Attolini cashmere jacket was a Yoox purchase that I've realized (long often the return window has closed) is a bit too large to work for me. Usual 3 rolling to 2 button arrangement Duel rear vents and partial lining (sleeves, front and shoulders) Flapped hip pockets Sewn on sleeve buttons Astonishing quality of materials and construction you'd expect with Cesare Attolini Model: GUS30 It's a size 50EU and fits true-to-size. Chest, armpit to armpit: 21.75...
This Caruso jacket is a good deal for someone who is a size 40. The pattern and fabric comp. lead me to believe it could be a Loro Piana cloth. These Caruso models have shoulder padding but look really great on.
I've often read about issues with missing buttons, damage, etc. with items bought from Yoox, but in all my years and considerable number of purchases, I've never had a single problem. I guess I've been lucky.
It's the wider lapels that made me think Musa. Is the chest measurement taken all the way across from armpit to armpit? 98cm seems a little small, even if you've had it taken in. I would expect those alterations to reduce the waist and not result in such a small chest.
Actually that's a no on both counts. I'm not interested in the design section (I don't think I've ever browsed it) and I've never bought my girlfriend anything from Yoox.I was slightly shocked myself. I've bought a lot of cashmere knitwear and several Cesare Attolini jackets and suits. Plus all the little things all mount up. I think I've probably returned more than I previously said though.
Nice. Is that the 'Musa' model?
I've been a Superstar at three different times (including now) since 2006. I appreciate getting the previews of new seasons, but I don't think I've ever bought anything through them. June will mark my ten years with Yoox. I wonder if I can expect anything from them to mark the occasion... The extra promo codes help and I believe we got the latest 29% discount code a day early. I've only had to call customer services on two occasions, so the 'direct line' isn't of much...
I just wanted to bump this. If you have anything then please let me know.
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