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How long does this code last?I'm not even getting the field where you enter the coupon on the basket screen anymore.
^ I've had this picture saved for nearly two years but still haven't found a coat like it.A few that caught my eye recently:
^ File that under 'ridiculous, but I wish more people made the effort' and 'wish I had the balls'.
I really like Kiton shirts. They just seam more 'special' than those produced by other brands. Personally I love the wide, flat, almost amber-coloured buttons much more than thick, white ones more typically used. I actually noticed that Brioni makes some shirts with all the same hand stitching details you see from Kiton.
Nice. The soles of my shoes always look more worn than that after one wearing.
Looks really nice. Perfect button stance, lapel dimensions, etc.
Wow! I knew they had a large inventory but I was not expecting that.
To be honest I pay little attention to the sample sales.The Incotex prices seem good on the whole.
This is very nice indeed. If it wasn't too early to think ahead to next spring, I'd buy it. (Feel free to store it away for a couple of months!)
Anyone who likes Zegna ties will like the preview. Not that they're well priced or anything...
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