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Thanks. This does suggest that I'd be fine with size 8.5. Crazy sizing.Does anyone know of the 'Goodyear' fit like the FAM?
There are some at STF and also on ebay.
Yes, that decimal point made me chuckle. I've never understood why they even bother providing that measurement when sizing overall is so hit and miss.The more I think about it, the more I think you're probably right. I think it actually was STP and not Yoox. Now I feel like a dope!
Important additional info: would the same sizing advice follow for the Goodyear Santoni range?
I know there's a lot of info about Santoni sizing on here and I've long been aware that they tend to fit large, but I'm not sure how the boots compare to the shoes. I would say that I'm a UK 9.5 - 10. I own shoes in both sizes which fit perfectly. I own a pair of Santoni boots - fatte a mano range - in a size 9/43 and even these require thick socks to fit properly. So my question: If I bought a pair of fatte a mano shoes in an 8.5/42.5 do you think they would fit or do...
I'm almost certain it was Yoox as I've never bought anything from STP and I wouldn't have taken any notice of what their practices are. I'm not certain what the 'punishment' was, though.
You're right! I see 100 items per page now.I'm sure I read that people got blacklisted in some way due to returning too much. It was possibly in this thread. Can anyone else remember this? I've been slightly nervous about returning things ever since, just in case I reach some threshold.
I've actually got used to the new site and don't mind it anymore. I just wish you could select to view more items per page as you could on the old site. (Maybe you can but I don't see the option).Do you do this often? I've heard (on here) of people being booted out of Yoox for returning too much.
A couple of years ago I had superstar status, but, alas, it was taken away from me after a while. I never knew if this was because it was time-limited to begin with or because I was returning too much.
Are those sleeve lengths accurate? They seem very short.
New Posts  All Forums: