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The 'premier' alerts (when new items arrive in your selected brands) stopped working for me, and couldn't be relied upon to begin with. If you aren't starved for alternative shopping locations then I can see why it wouldn't be worth bothering with, but I couldn't find the same things elsewhere anyway, and especially not at the same price.
I like the jeans. I don't think they're dad-ish.
I bought a nice Burberry trench/raincoat myself last year. The last place I'd wear it is in the rain. Or in a trench for that matter. I just know it'll perform poorly in the wet
I check new arrivals daily and often spend ages making sure I see everything. You never know what gem you're going to find. It's actually part of the fun of yoox for me, as sad as that might sound. I don't think it's that overwhelming. There are a core group of brands that I'll normally make a beeline for, though. I only wish they'd categorize things better. Making use of their filters will ensure that you miss something. For example, I want a pair of light blue...
Nice stuff!
All sold. I have three pairs of Mabitex, all size 48 and all would fit the same gent. All are new and summer weight. $65 shipped to anywhere from the UK. Knock off $10 for two pairs and $20 if buying all three. ************ **Sold** NWT Standard beige/khaki. IMO slightly less drab than the photos suggest. Paper tag says size 50 but they're a 48. Flap/button rear pockets. 98% cotton 2% elastane Waist: 16" Inseam: 33" (Factory hemmed) Thigh: 11.5" Knee: 9.5" Leg...
Practically nothing from my dreambox is a part of this 15% off promotion.
I'm annoyed I missed the green Kiton shirt. If the buyer sees this, let it be known that you have a willing buyer in me who would gladly take it off your hands if you aren't 100% pleased with it. You could even turn a profit.
I know not everyone likes them, but I really like the buttons Kiton uses on their shirts. The shape, size and colour. Finamore often use a similar type. Can buttons like this be purchased anywhere? For reference.
They look like a great pair of shoes for the money. (Should've returned them surely?)
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