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The part you miss is he also said more oral sex would cure this. He wins for wacky celeb comment of the week.
Tell us about your office. At my work, with the right SC these would be fine for day with no big meetings.
Just to add to the ever present info on Jantzen. I was in Hong Kong recently so though I would pop in. The measured me up and shirts ready for the next afternoon, despite it being super busy in there. The shirts were a perfect fit. For me mail order has always been touch and go with them, but in person has always been great.
I may have to cut off my toes so I can get into those Zegna's. _ nice stuff
Yes, yes and oh ya... yes. Navy is what is all about, great fabric, great cut and grate fit and navy can not be beat.
Good (or more likely) bad my lifestyle includes having what I call a "good time" a bit too often. I have a job that includes socializing as part of my duties, and I find more and more I am eating very rich dinners and drinking too much. I know this sounds like not such a bad thing, but my waist line has been growing and getting home is becoming more and more of an issue. I know i should cut back, but life is good and my lifestyle sure helps work, so it has been hard to...
Try here: Nice to deal with and they may price it with out the buckle for you
Where is Eric Gleenie when you need him????
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