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I noticed this thread got bumped up again. I went by the leather guy who's working on my jacket I posted about above, and am actually quite happy with how it's turning out. He removed all the original crap he sprayed on it, and then has been hand antiquing it with darker dyes. It has a nice Berlluti (sp?) look to it now. The one benefit of this backwards process is when he stripped off the color he first applied, some of the reddish orange color was pulled out as well....
Spoo always seems to nail it every time.
More than half of my shoe collection is now at least a half size too big. But I'm too cheap to part with them. Every single one of them have always had insoles ( made of wetsuit material) in them. And now, with a tongue pad installed, and an additional pair of thin ankle socks that barely cover the heel, worn under my normal pair, actually make for a very comfortable fit. Mind you, this is on some of my plainer and more casual and chunky shoes like my double soled...
I fully intend on copying Mr. Binge. I finally tracked down some wine colored cords myself. This shot shows a good combination for it I think. The subdued tie helps, but I don't have one quite like that.
It will be interesting to see this come to fruition. Thank you.
The second is aweful. Way too big, especially for that style.
That's a beautiful coat. Well done indeed.
There's a lot of pricks who like to shit up this forum. Half of the asshole answers come from newbies themselves. We're all free guests here, and the assholes who respond that way just give this great forum a bad reputation.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Ferragamo Brown and black shoes, tie oxfords with a split toe, Prada slip ons Zinnella pants -grey, green, navy, khaki Cotton Khakis LVC 501 1955 Zegna suits and SCs -black suit, navy suit, navy jackets, tweed jacket in green Borrelli Shirts and Zegna Shirts Black Cashmere overcoat kinda doop shoulder a la Armani. Black leather jacket, zip front hip length I expected as much! Always well put...
I'm very interested in the Carters in the turkish tortoise shell frames!
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