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Green/red. But I have no problem with the cream PS.
I agree that the third one is an abomination. Too much going on, and it looks dated. I can't throw too much hate at the second one, even though, I'm not a big fan of shinny ties myself.
Awesome idea.
That's a dang good price, but I wonder if childrens implies the size or just the generic design? I'm really stuck on a medium heathered grey, heavy knit.
I've been eyeing a few different knit caps/ beanies lately for the winter. Particularly I really want a heathered grey in a cable knit pattern. I've seen a great one but in wool at UnionMade Goods here in SF. Then I found this one on bluefly. I like the color and the fact that it's pure cashmere, but I don't know anything about the maker. The description of the designer attributes it to a piece of womens fashion as well. Is there something particularly one gendered...
Why seek approval from unknown internet clothing geeks like us? If you like the ties, you'll wear them. Are you going to opt for a tie that everyone here says they like, if you yourself hate it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull Still curious who this stunning specimen is?
This thread led me to find the hilarious "my boss is the female Michael Scott" thread. Yes, I spent nearly 2 hours savoring every single reply of that epic thread from start to where it leaves off.
Those really look nice. I was admiring how the loop was attached in the back so it doesn't stick out as well. I'd be paranoid about accidentally kicking a sharp edge on the bike though.
Load the front pockets full of shotgun shells and I doubt anyone will give you any crap on what you choose to pair it with. Especially with a nice over-under draped over your shoulder. Nice jacket
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