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It will fade in time, I wouldn't do anything that would alter the color of the leather personally, which I found that saddle soap has done on an old pair of Justin's work boots. If you live in a warmer, dryer environment, the smell will likely fade faster.
Tom Landry was killing it.
Bump for a great seller. I bought a decant from ( likely ) this bottle, and I love it. It was a great deal on an otherwise cost prohibitive scent.
Couldn't be happier with a completely random purchase. I threw caution to the wind and was pleasantly rewarded. I keep trying to narrow down my fragrance collection and always stepping up to the higher quality brands, Creed, some TF ( L'Extreme) and some of Hermes' newer offerings, but got pulled in out of curiosity. If Rioni re-opens this thread in the future for other offerings, I'll be in line waiting. Great shipping and careful packaging too!
I want the last two hours back.
I can only be there in spirit. Have fun gents.
I'll take the last two, simply out of curiousity to try them. PM sent.
^^ Win^^
I emailed a few days ago ( 3 or so) still interested in what you're selling. Get back at me if you can. Regards.
I carefully took a seam ripper to my black Barbour jacket to get rid of the big flashy yellow and black patch. I hate conspicous labels on anything. You wouldn't notice the very small pin holes in the jacket unless you were looking two inches away. I am optimistic that it will, with time complete disappear with wear ( the jacket hardly gets warn and still looks brand new) and it wont affect the water repellent.
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