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Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 first one. +1
Phat Guido has contributed more valuable content than the majority of posters on this forum. His style is classic, and a good example worth taking note of. He's our Asian Doc Holiday.
Yet another very informative thread from DWFII. Thank you again for sharing so many details. I'm not why my mind pulled the word "channeled" when I was thinking of the beautiful fiddleback sole in his previous example, but you correctly read my mind.
Very cool! Are they brittle? I'd be affraid to wear them if they were, I'd hate to destroy such amazing beauties.
Those are amazing M! Wear them in good health! Did you intentionally opt out of the channeled sole?
Honestly, with that budget, you'll be best off right here on B&S when it comes to bang for the buck. It will take a bit more time though.
Glad they turned out to your liking. I wonder if anyone else had brought up the odd misallignment issue on their bluchers. IIRC, it was the left shoe that was the one that was off, in many different examples.
Beautiful. Reminds me of those "shoes with character" that Ron Rider posted about years ago. Both after:
Awesome seller! His reputation proceeds him!
Cool beans.
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