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Curiousity always opens up my wallet, or this case, my paypal. I think I'll try that Amouage. PM pending.
That is a beautiful watch! Are the hands blued by any chance? It's difficult to tell on my cheap monitor at work. If it was running, I'd probably buy it anyway.
I figure I should finally post a request if anyone else has or plans to split up some Montale Oud Cuir D'arabie. I bought a sample of it, and then another slightly larger 20ml bottle. It is quickly becoming my absolutely favorite fragrance and if I can't find others that are selling splits, I will just buy a bottle for myself. But I thought I'd check here first.
The fine quality and small broguing of the toe cap really caught my eye as well. Well done!!
This thread, and the miserable Ambrosi thread reaffirms my desire to not avoid going accross the pond for high end clothing and shoes. Even if money was not a concern, the poor service, and hassle of being so far away and in many cases the language barrier, pushes me to choose guys like DFWII for a shoe commisson, and as far as suiting goes... anything that is consistent and of decent quality, maybe Chan. It's just sad to see some of these cherrished institutions...
Yes, but it creates even more work for the overworked, underpaid Mods.
If the batons, numerals or hands were a contrast color, I think that would help it's case, but then again, it's entirely subjective. And the trapazoidal date window irks me.
I'm not a watch expert, so I'm going off of personal appeal. That being said, the darker cleaner dial appeals to me more than the "busy" and monochrome Zenith. To me, the Zenith resembles a cheaper looking Timex and is somewhat "plastic-y".
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 first one. +1
Phat Guido has contributed more valuable content than the majority of posters on this forum. His style is classic, and a good example worth taking note of. He's our Asian Doc Holiday.
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