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All around, very nice combinations posted today. Ranger, you rock the cuffs well. I couldn't pull em off like that, but your consistent about it.
Sweet! Not that I can play in that league but still...
I just received mine in the mail today. These things are badass. Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition Vintage Friday Suit: Vintage Phoenix for Grigg Clothing Co in Mitchell, South Dakota, from Out of the Closet in Berkeley Shirt: Vintage Brent Oxford, snap tab collar, from Goodwill in Berkeley Tie: Vintage Roos Atkins, from Twisters in Berkeley Shoes: Vintage Stacy Adams, given to me by a friend Briefcase: Vintage Clacson, picked up at the mercato aperto in Rome Sunglasses: Vintage RayBans, from...
Not aware of any place around here that stocks Saphir products. You'll have to order it online. They work great and I'm happy with them.
I literally just bought this EXACT same scarf from a store here in San Francisco six hours ago. I paid $89 + tax and am extremely happy with it, but damn, I guess I'm bad on timing. The color is perfectly suited to me, and its softer than almost all the cashmere I own, even some of my Lora Piana stuff. Good price and good luck with the sale. If I hadn't just clipped off the Begg tag, I'd be tempted to return it, just to score this and save $20.
I believe it's called Coked-out, by Douchebag.
Quote: Originally Posted by youngScholar emptym, that boot looks really good. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by sidewinder13 I remember that there's a sweater that J Crew used to sell which quite looks similar to this one. I believe it is the same one. I have it in black.
Can you post the size and measurements of the SNS?
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