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I'd kop the Borrelli if the shoulders were an inch wider.
Britex fabrics has at least 12 or so seamstresses on staff. That's where I'd inquire.
Those Conistons are pretty sweet. I'm eyeing something in that similar sleek pattern, but perhaps without the cap toe.
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman I bought a pair of Crockett & Jones Tetbury chukkas and I'm very happy with them: I think the narrow last gives them a slightly dressier look than most other chukkas (e.g. the Polo MacCallum). Edit: In general, I do prefer chelsea boots, though. If there were ever a "OneBoot" for me, it would be this boot, for the exact same reasons you listed...
I had it altered to stop about one inch above the knees. Not much of an alteration ( about 3 inches ) and the buttons are still balanced. It's a raglan sleeve coat with slit pockets, so the appearance of the pockets weren't affected by the shortening.
I did it to a St Andrews cashmere coat. I'm happy with it. I think it cost about $60 to have it shortened.
Not on a 3 button. I don't think I'd even try it on a 3 roll 2.
The high heat from the dryer has shrunk the thread sewn around the collar, causing it to shrink and pucker the fabric. Air dry your shirts. Problem solved. Your shirts will last longer too.
Those are beautifully maintained, well done.
Damn, I missed that RLPL tie. Sweet.
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