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Natural shell is gorgeous. I'd be up for a Carlyle with natural shell. That would be one beautiful shoe.
Agree. Those rugged soles are hideous on a balmoral.
I'd like confirmation on this as well. If true, why not just get a chilli strand, except for the $199 price. I'm still debating on the other GMTO Heritage. I can't quite get a picture of the Bourbon / Snuff suede. I was hoping someone could photoshop one.
I hope you're right, but in looking at the Heritage, this is incorrect. I'm with @Indyoshi68 on this. If this line on the vamp is calf instead of suede, I'll probably opt out as well.
Is this is close look except for colors? Could we get a burnished bourbon?
Is the price $199 shipped? Can we get the final specs of the GMTO? Pics would be really helpful as well.
Anyone with Photoshop skills? Would like to see a picture of something close if at all possible.
Good question. Last I heard, WatchIdiot was waiting to hear from Alison. He hasn't posted in a few days.
I might be interested. Especially if bourbon.
Hopefully it's the last.
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