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I have some similar that I'm looking to replace. Mine are about 12 years old, and the suede has some wear.
Spring is coming. Who's up for a unlined light suede or buck? Or should I just pull the trigger on a pair of tan Neumoks? With all the creativity of the members here, maybe someone can come up with something. Happy Sunday all.
Why size 12D? Care to spill more details?
Are Allen Edmonds trunk shows published? I live in Phoenix and we have all of ONE AE store, although a couple Nordstroms. I'm on AE email list but don't recall ever seeing a trunk show notice.
Why can't I find Stewart or Elgin on AE's web site? Those are both fine looking shoes.
I don't really have anything in mind at the moment, and I'm not too good at creating...I currently have about a dozen pair of AEs, and my next shoe will probably be something in a light suede. I have a pair of AE Milbrook that are over 10 years old and I'm looking for a similar replacement. As of now I'm thinking of the tan suede Neumok, but haven't pulled the trigger.
Any new GMTO in the works?
I have a pair of these Sheltons. Very comfortable and sharp looking.
Interesting. Is your SA telling you to hold off for better deals on Black Friday, and skip the Corporate on Thursday? FWIW, I'm looking for some OCBDs and was thinking of pulling the trigger Thursday, but I can certainly wait another week.
New Posts  All Forums: