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Define business wear. If you're talking chinos or nice slacks and button down or polo, most definitely. A suit, not so much.
I think so. I'd have a hard time paying full price, but I purchased one for $69 and I quite like it.
I've had a different experience. I take 8D in the 5 last (Strand), yet have the Kenwood in in 8.5D. The 8D in a Kenwood was painfully tight. Probably should have gotten an 8E in the Kenwood. I also have the Maxfield in 8D. I think the Kenwood is a very narrow fit for myself.
Regarding the Rush Streets..... On another forum the following has been written: +1 that balmoral will look awful when its chromexcel wears in. I'd worry about that - but I think the perfs and pinking and other fine detailing might actually hide it better than on a sleeker, simpler balmoral. I'm not sure why AE keeps bringing out funky balmorals. "Lace-up oxford casual shoes" is an oxymoron. Bluchers and boots are much better suited for chromexcel IMO. Just curious......
Gorgeous. I have Snuff and Walnut Strands. My next Strand will be this one, hopefully during the anniversary sale.
I think I'm going to order the Rush Streets for the anniversary sale. I think they are part of the sale.Anyone have any pics of the Rush Streets in the wild? I've yet to see them in person, might have to make a trip to my local AE store.
Is this the anniversary sale list then begins on April 18?
Aren't all Strands brogues? Do you mean Snuff Suede Strands? Or Navy Strands? I'm confused.
If anyone has an 8D list, please PM me. Thanks.
I didn't get one and I have a Corporate card. What is the sale?
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