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I have a pair of these Sheltons. Very comfortable and sharp looking.
Interesting. Is your SA telling you to hold off for better deals on Black Friday, and skip the Corporate on Thursday? FWIW, I'm looking for some OCBDs and was thinking of pulling the trigger Thursday, but I can certainly wait another week.
I have about 10 pair or AE dress shoes, including Shelton, Strands, and some others on the 5 last. All of them are a size 8, with the exception of my Kenwoods in 8.5 and another pair I got from Shoe Bank in 8.5. The pair from Shoe Bank, I just put in a Shoal's heel insert and they fit great. I'm looking at picking up some Long Branches, but I will be wearing these with a heavier wool sock instead of a dress sock. Would people recommend sizing up on these to an 8.5 or...
Posted in wrong thread. Mod, please delete
Same here.
The comments I read were on the webgem monks (Pembroke). People didn't like the pinking. I'll go back and look again, but don't recall anything specific to the Ardsley.
Hate quoting my own post, but not a single opinion on these new Web Gems? I like them, but would like others to chime in.
I've read the comments on the Web Gem monk straps, but do people think about the Ardsley wing tips? I have several pair of Strands, but am in need of a casual wingtip that can be worn with chinos and jeans.
Good point. We don't have any in AZ and was thinking while I was there I might pick up a summer blazer. I sure won't make some special trip.
I'm headed to Paris next month. MIght have to stop there. How are the prices?
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