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Dear all, I have for sale one 'Blonde' Kiton Sportcoat in 100% Cashmere. The pattern is a mini herringbone with yellow and hazel windowpane. 3 Button, 2 Vents, Fully lined and as you would expect with Kiton the quality is fantastic with hand stitching all over the place. As you can see the condition is fantastic, the main reason for sale is that I've only had the imagination to wear this out of the house twice since I've had it. Size is a 53EU but Im a 42US and this...
Dear all, I have decided to sell my Tissot Le Locle automatic watch. Purchased five years ago, worn for two but then replaced by my Maurice Lacroix Phase de Lune, after which it hasn't been worn. A few weeks before I stopped wearing the watch I replaced the standard mock-croc strap with a handmade Lic 'Chrono Russia' strap - essentially calf leather grained to look like the famous Russian reindeer leather. Details for the strap...
Dear all, I've decided to sell a pair of Suede Brogues from Ducker & Sons, of Oxford. I believe they are made by Grenson to a high quality. The buck on these shoes is simply beautiful, as I hope the pictures portray. I've decided to let them go because sadly, I hardly get to wear them! The shoes are sise 8.5EX, which roughly equates to an 8.5F UK. The soles on these shoes measure 12" by 4.25" at their widest point. I paid £275 for these new, and sadly havent worn them...
Dear all, I have for sale one beautiful cashmere shawl necked cardigan from Lochcharron of Scotland, size medium. I'm no expert, and as such couldn't say whether this is 4 or 6 ply but the fabric is very thick and ribbed. Please see the pictures, I feel they speak for themselves. The jumper is stunning and I am very sorry to see it go! I have owned this for about 3 months and worn it fewer than five times, probably twice out. It is in absolutely perfect condition. I got...
Quote: Originally Posted by laughwithm3 you can afford $700 RLPL suits while paying tuition and your unemployed parents' rent, or are we just gonna see it for $900 on B&S in a week? And what would be wrong with that if he chose?
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 This is why I will never own a pair of shoes over $450. I'm fine with benchgrade. Constructive. I would take them to a decent cobbler. Are there any shoemakers near you?
These are indeed made to Rose standards, perhaps the leather is slightly nicer considering the extra £30 retail PRICE DROP £100 + postage. I will put these on ebay soon!
Howdy My thread for two pairs of incotex has disappeared - did a moderator delete it?
Price drop to £110 inc. shipping - massive bargain.
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