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if the NWO is this dumb we have nothing to worry about.
everything's sold!
armchair linguists
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll ...you guys know that's not actually him, right? ...
my internet kung fu is strong. http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/5551/imgphpc.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff no. both of the above arent it. sorry. it is a block type comic strip but it was like a 50 cells long or so, it was huge. it was sort of sexual/erotic, violent, japanese type of crazy art imagination. i know what your talking about bro. hmmm.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK So I guess I shouldn't expect measurements on the OL cardigan you said you'd get to me almost a month ago. SMH. Hey, sorry. I wish you had taken this up in PM though. When I replied to your PM I told you that I wouldn't have access to the cardigan until Aug 21 at the earliest and gave you the information that you requested about the Aldens. I received no response to this message and assumed you had lost...
varsity sold and price drop on the aldens. somebody buy them!!
ol cardigan, uniqlo jeans, and indys sold. price drops.
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