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Quote: Originally Posted by h4zin dont understand the jokes... is it just a dumb idea to get a seersucker hoodie in general? probably b/c your link didn't work. i found it though:
duuuude i have a size 30 and they are shaping out to be a little big. give me your size 29!
Quote: Originally Posted by WayneGibbous I hate you that you had a chance to wear that shirt before me. Looks good otherwise... that is a pretty cool shirt, where is it from?
GOOD picture^ Quote: Originally Posted by jufros you probably could have rocked a 29 those look a little big for brand new. gonna be huuuuge that's what i was thinking, but i've been working out lately and my legs should get bigger, or at least fatter, when i do the whole "bulking" thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by bach check his signature brah Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Have you tried looking at his blog...? Quote: Originally Posted by w.kevin http://whatareyouwearingtoday.blogspot.com/ Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus http://whatareyouwearingtoday.blogspot.com/ good response time gentlemen
Quote: Originally Posted by inviscid I don't want to sound like an ass (even though I know I do...), but how does this contribute to the thread in any way? You're just tossing brands and items of clothing into the air. We want to see pictures! How do your clothes interact to create your outfit...? please share that instead of a laundry list of what you wore. check his signature brah
i sized down 2; normally a 32 waist but got the 30s. and whodini what are B/Us?
less than 4 cigarettes/month.
i think i've posted 1 or 2 pictures before, but this may be my first WAYWT post. slowly adding better things to my closet. pictured is a S2A shirt, APC New Standards that I got today, and to-be-replaced-on-monday adidas sneakers that are pretty mediocre. any suggestions on future buys?
Quote: Originally Posted by justsayno I do 1.5 miles at the rate of 6 mph. Is that weak? yeaaaaa.......... i assume you're using a treadmill? try to do 5 extra minutes every time, or something like that. slowly ratchet up your speed and distance.
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