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Quote: Originally Posted by Alexlude what is a good brand / fashion house for sporty yet upscale sneakers.. i mean i like the high top sporty look but nothing to tron/megaman-ish no lanvin as im not really into that look something with a pointier toe (than lanvin) really vague i know but any suggestions would be appreciated (pics would even be better) margiela?
levis has a 30% off code this week. i can re-find it if anybody is interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by arickly http://uscheckout.apc.fr/browse.cfm/4,872.html I need a warm jacket, I'm in the Bay Area. Should I get this? Is this a good price for it? american apparel has something similar for $157. i tried it on the other day and it was pretty decent.
Quote: Originally Posted by cocostella Liking these. Is sizing the same as CP, or do the hopefully run big like lame chucks? i don't know about cp sizing, but these seem to fit pretty tts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo Someone needs to jump on those Alden suedes. seriously. this thread's been up in one form or another since july 1st. it looks like they're gonna sell now, just not for as much as i had hoped.
Added a j crew sweater. Here are the length and width measurements- Suede wingtips length-12.25 width-3.25 Indys length-12.5 width-3.75
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix alessandrini? ya. i'm pretty impressed with the quality.
lanvin ripoffs- $128 sf approved?
Well this is weird. I'll clear my inbox right now. Mharwitt, I think Aldens generally run a little large. For reference, I'm a size 12 in running shoes like Aisics and I wear 11 1/2 B in the Indy boot. I have narrow feet. edit- inbox cleared
Drops on everything and added indy boots.
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