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Quote: Originally Posted by TheDarkKnight I did far worse on this test than on a Mensa IQ test I took, I got 125 on that test which is about top 5% I think - that underperforms my academic ability - but I study hard. The above test has me about top 40% lulz are the percentiles just for the group of people taking the test? like not adjusted somehow to try and represent a random sampling of the population. if you could even do something...
price drop on the aldens
Quote: Originally Posted by Kajak Reps*weight*.0333+weight should give you an estimate. round down then try it. +5lbs. try again. +5lbs try again. you should fail in there. highest successful lift = 1rm. If you use 5x5 numbers you should make the first one. this is what i was looking for thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude Just out of curiosity, what are everyone's numbers on squat/deadlift/bench? i need to figure out my 1rm's. do you just throw on as much weight as you think you could do and go for it? these numbers are for 5x5 squat 225 bench 170 deadlift 255 press 100
lol, u mad?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ideefixee Like the shoes, and the fit seems to work on you (the sweatshirt may be a tad baggy), but the colors seem a little too close for my comfort. yeah, the blue on blue is a pretty meh coordination of color. it would probably work better if the jeans weren't as dark and had some nice fades.
Quote: Originally Posted by skitlets First pic post. [[SPOILER]] h&m j crew tanner goods/ 3sixteen bracelet nudie big bengt sambas I am in desperate need of a new belt. this is good for a first post, but i'm feeling a disconnect between the tucked in shirt and the casual sambas.
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