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great article, thanks for posting
Quote: Originally Posted by OakCliff This might be where the images originally came from. It includes average male and female faces, with links on the left hand side, but there is no discussion of the methodology used to do it. from the comments section: Quote: I used this site: I used no one I thought was under 20 and no one I thought was over 50. I used any internet source I could...
3-4 simulates water resistance and i think it's usually advised not to row at 10
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk bach, that workout sounds pretty brutal. Where do you go to school? uc berkeley Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Anyway, rowing (and only rowing) will give you massive quads and forearms, and pretty big lats. That said, most of the really big rowers do lift outside of crew. cool. i dunno if my body will be able to handle weight training on top of rowing 5-6 times a week, though.
i erged with lightweight crew today, we did 5x2k w/ 5 min rests, then 5x1min w/ 1 min rests. the best parts were resting and finishing. aren't a lot of crew guys around 200 lbs of solid muscle? do they get that way from straight up rowing or from strength and conditioning? i wanna get bigger, right now i'm 6'2" 175.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt The rest are here bookmarked for when finals are over. Quote: Originally Posted by landshark "I think, therefore I am" is a fallacy. You cannot prove that you are just because you think. You are presuming yourself to exist and be capable of thought in order to prove that yourself exists. lolwut?
today i rowed my first 2000m on the concept 2 and got 7:30. i was aiming for a 1:50 split but got overambitious in the first 500m, which i did in 1:38. after that i lost a ton of speed. when it was over i realized the damper setting was on 10, lol. i'm gonna put it on 5 next time.
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS Ok. I'm asking because the once was someone posting here who did the 2k in 3m27s or something on his rowing machine... doctor or whatever? i don't think he ever came back to the thread. i was kinda curious to see what his actual times were. Quote: Those are admirable (beginner) times. thanks. i hope i can improve on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS Those sound as pretty good times. Concept 2? yes. it looked like this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk For 3 weeks after the season ended, I only worked out 2-3 times a week. In the long run, it'll probably be good to have had the time off. how many days a week did you train in season and what was your routine like? did you lift weights and run as part of your training?
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