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i've been doing cardio for 3 months or so and my rhr is 48. hopefully it continues to drop. Quote: Originally Posted by phreak What should my bpm be topping out at for high intensity cardio? depends on your maximum heart rate. have you done a maximal stress test? once you get yr MHR, you can use the karvonen method to determine exercise intensity levels.
thx guys. andy, that makes sense. 4/12 i did a 20 minute tempo piece, avg HR 175 (92.5% max HR), avg/500m 1:58.5 today i did the same thing, avg HR 175, but the avg/500m was 1:54.5 progress : D
did a 2k today, finally went sub 7 500 26 SPM 1:44.4 1000 26 SPM 1:44.8 1500 26 SPM 1:43.9 2000 27 SPM 1:41.7 avg/500m 1:43.7 total 6:54.8 avg HR 175 (92.5% max HR) peak HR 187 (98.9% max HR) i was trying to follow this strategy: 800m (40%) @ Goal Pace (GP) +1; 600m (30%) @ GP; 400m (20%) @ GP – 1; and 200m (10%) @ GP – 2. it was pretty painless for a 2k. not much lactic acid burn till 1000 left or so. ofc this means i need to row harder next time -__-
Quote: Originally Posted by unclesam099 You can't... Any schlep can do 500m using sheer muscle - it's 45-50 strokes. hmmmmm, this article says peak power can predict yr 2000m time pretty good; r = 0.92, p < 0.0001.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Do these charts mean 1RM? yep.
i came across this chart the other day IDK how they came up w/ the numbers but it seems reasonable. the ratio for squat/bench is 1.33ish.
warming up for weightlifting i decided to do a 500m test, 1:30.4 how can i predict my 2k pace from a 500m test?
Quote: If anything, doing extra training will eventually become counter productive. well i dropped my 2k by almost a minute after 6 weeks and im pretty sure that's because i've been working hard. that being said, i'll definitely look out for signs of overtraining. Quote: Have you done any 5k's yet? Or a 30 minute erg test? i've done 6k's and 10k's but they weren't tests.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnkav Not sure I agree with doing 2k's every week though!! i don't hate 2k's yet so i do them every week even if we don't have to :P the other day i pr'd with 7:05.
i thought my first 2k ever was 7:30 but that machine was probably broken cause the one after that was almost 8 minutes. here are my scores from our weekly 2k tests, now rowed on non-broken machines. week 1- 7:56 week 2- 7:40 week 3- 7:24 week 4- 7:28 (sick) week 5- 7:18 week 6- tomorrow. sub 7? at this rate i should be sub 6 by april
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