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Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Nope.
You might want to check out some descriptive English reference grammars, though unfortunately, I can't recommend a specific one. Are you interested in linguistics? A course in syntax or intro to linguistics would probably be right up your alley. "what is a reference grammar" http://www.sil.org/linguistics/Gloss...nceGrammar.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Subject-verb agreement ain't rocket science, neither. Quote: Originally Posted by otter eh ? yeah, what the hell? i don't see any "grammatical mistakes", and even if there's some prescriptive rule he didn't follow, it's definitely not making what he said any harder to comprehend. who gives a shit? this is an internet forum, not a journal publication.
@ratboy i'm not an expert on the subject, but i thought the jet program was pretty reputable/paid decently?
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Seems really light on the vegetables and lean protein. Peanuts, while not awful for you, don't offer most of the benefits of say, almonds or walnuts. i have 1-3 protein shakes a day, an assload of grilled chicken, and around 32 oz of milk. how 2 get leaner proteens? i'll definitely check to see if i can get almonds/walnuts/better veggies with my mealplan, but like most college dining plans, it sucks, and they're...
i think i eat healthy. breakfast: -golean crunch w/ skim milk -banana -maybe a casein shake -espresso and 2% milk first lunch: -lunchmeat and cheese sandwich on wheat bread -orange second lunch: -grilled chicken, lettuce, and tomato "salad". -more espresso and 2% milk dinner: -repeat of second lunch, except no espresso -peanuts other: -50 g of whey protein after workout, which happens 3x a week -creatine and multivitamin daily -i drink a lot of water
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you SoCal_vs__The_Internet_Sequence_Diagram.gif This is awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason 1 plate = 135, 1 plate on each side of a 45 lb bar. never heard anybody refer to their max squat in terms of plates, and since dude's in korea, they probably use different sized plates in kg.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus ...bench is a little more than 2 plates, military press is 1 plate... uhhhh
<3 that game. only got to 12500. can't waste any more time right now, though. edit yes i can. 22000!!!
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